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This custom tile design is sweet for a rustic home and brings Earth (tile), Animal energy (the images), and Water (the glass mirror) into a space. See more at http://www.margaretlichatile.com/htmls/gifts.html

Wacky hand made one-of-a-kind mirror would add whimsy to the Creativity & Future Projects (Children) area of a space.

What is it about feng shui and mirrors? Mirrors represent water because of the glass element and also their reflective abilities. In feng shui we often suggest mirrors as a “cure”to solve feng shui problems. If chosen carefully and placed properly, mirrors can enhance a space and negate any harmful ch’i energy.

Ovals and rounds give yin energy to a room full of rectangles.

This unusual hand made ceramic mirror in the shape of a heart could be useful in the Love & Relationship area of a home or bedroom.

Mirrors can and do stimulate the ch’i—this is not necessarily what you want in all areas of your home. For example, for better rest in your bedroom you don’t want a lot of mirrors bouncing light and ch’i all over the place. On the other hand, a dark room might need exactly that—mirrors can substitute for a window and can be used on windowless interior offices for example. So take inventory of your space and decide where you might want to hang a mirror and why you ought to do so.

Dramatic mirrors like this Asian inspired one incorporate BOTH square yand and rounded yin energy.

The elements of wood (sticks), water (the glass mirror), and metal (the white color) all are present in this square yang mirror.

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Photo from the LA Times

The latest trend in mirrors according to the “LA at Home” blog at the Los Angeles Times are these ‘masculine leather strapped designer mirrors’ that cost a pretty penny. In feng shui terms, the round shape automatically puts them into the feminine yin category but I agree that having leather and bronze trim and a rather rustic simple hanging fixture does lend a masculine yang balance.

* If you have a room with a dark area you can hang a mirror to reflect and bring in more light. The mirror creates the illusion of a window and that stimulates the ch’i energy as well. (Darkness is equated with stagnant ch’i.)

*If you have a missing sector of your bagua map you can hang a mirror to seal and enhance, thereby replacing the missing sector. This one is a little tricky and I suggest calling in an expert to help you with placement.

* Often at the top of a stairs landing a mirror can help solve a poison arrow (too-fast-moving ch’i).

*If you can’t place your desk or bed in the Command Position, you’ll want to place a mirror so you can see who is entering the room while you’re sitting on your bed or at your desk.

*Reflective surfaces behind a stovetop multiply and magnify the burners symbolizing wealth and abundance.

* A bagua mirror can deflect negative energy from a street, from a telephone pole, from a difficult neighbor if hung properly.

Where NOT to use mirrors? Never hang a bagua mirror inside the house. The mirrored side should always be facing outside. Children may have trouble sleeping in a room with large mirrored walls as the energy is over stimulated by bouncing light (hang a drape over a mirrored closet). The same is true for adult bedrooms. Sometimes the opposite effect occurs: the over stimulated ch’i energy creates a situation where one feels tired all the time and is sleeping too much if not too little. Another situation is hanging mirrors opposite each other—one wall is enough.

Keep in mind that you want the ch’i energy of mirrors to be “contained” within a frame and you want to always hang them high enough so that nobody’s head is being cut off when looking into the mirror.

See also the Feng Shui By Fishgirl archives: Mirror, Mirror and Feng Shui Mirror Cure as well as Impact of Windows on Feng Shui.


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Furnishings by Oly

Here’s a very glam bedroom from manufacturer “Oly” as seen at High Point International Furniture Market this weekend. The combination of shapes includes round and square, soft and angled, great relaxing colors all add up to great feng shui.

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“Speech is the mirror of the soul.” ~ Publilius Syrus (1st Century BC)

Mirrors are one of the most common Feng Shui cures.They work well in both home and office spaces. Let’s take a look at your office. Imagine a dark, cramped, dingy space. The size of the space confines and constricts you. It’s difficult to breathe and that makes it difficult to concentrate. There might not even be any windows. At worst it sounds like Alcatraz, at best it is the closet under the staircase where you used to play hide and seek. Does this depressing space motivate you, inspire you, and energize you? Not likely! But this might be the office you are working in now.

 Before you jump out that window you don’t even have,let me share a simple feng shui solution that can help you transform your dark hole into an uplifting work area. The solution is to consider installing some mirrors.Mirrors enhance a space tremendously by adding more reflected light. Whether your light source is natural or not, mirrors bounce it back into the room. A well placed framed mirror can serve as a great substitute for a window.

In addition, mirrors give the illusion of expanding a cramped space so that it appears much larger than it is. A full length mirrored wall, for example, can virtually double the size of any room.When a room feels larger and brighter, you feel less nervous and more energized. That’s far more conducive to doing your best work and getting the job done with less effort.

Another way mirrors are used in feng shui is to correct poor desk placement. The optimum situation is to place your desk in the “Command Position”. The “Command Position”  is located deep inside the room,

with your back against a preferably solid wall and has an unobstructed view of the entire room, especially the entry door to the office. If you are forced to configure your desk so that your back is facing the entry point, this position keeps you subliminally ‘on alert’  because you are vulnerable to people approaching you and surprising you. You can’t work if you’re constantly being startled or expecting to be.  Put a rear view mirror on your desk or computer so that you can see who is entering your space.


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