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SETTING INTENTIONS- 5 Tips on how to start your day like a rockstar

I just discovered this wonderful post on the Malavika Blog. She gives 5 terrific tips on setting intentions for your day. I couldn’t have done a better job–go see:

How to start your day like a rockstar.

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Sometimes I feel like I’m upside down and not at all connected to the earthly plane. Do you ever get that feeling—do friends and family say to you “Hey! Where’d you go?” when you are with them but seem miles away? You might be a dreamer and as a child you had a rich fantasy life that seemed as real as waking life.

When I feel like this I now realize the need for grounding. Both feet need to be firmly planted on this earth if I’m going to be fully present and successful in the world we live in. Here are some tools to help you ground yourself, too:

* Smudge yourself with sage or incense. You do this by lighting the smudger and wafting the smoke all around yourself (or have someone else do it for you as you stand still). Envision yourself being cleansed of all negative vibes and starting with a blank slate.

* Do some deep breathing. Sit comfortably, yoga style, with back straight but body relaxed (you don’t want to be holding tension anywhere). Take in a breath deeply thinking “I AM HERE”. Let the breath out completely thinking “I AM NOW”. Repeat this process in rounds of 3 until you feel completely grounded.

* Before going into the dream state at bedtime, be very conscious and state your intentions to always return to your body no matter where your dreaming takes your astral body. Say out loud before you go to sleep, “I remember that I am here and I am now and I will always return to my physical body before I wake up.”

* Eat root vegetables such as carrots, beets, potatoes when you are feeling too ethereal. Root veggies come from the ground and will help remind you to connect to earth energy.

*Take time each day for yourself. Even if it is only ten minutes. Practice being mindful of who you are and where you are and recommit to being your authentic self.

Any other tips? Please comment!


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Going on an interview during your lunch hour? That’s stressful enough. But you’re probably also trying to do it undercover and without your boss or colleagues finding out. And, you’ve only got an hour to dash out to the interview and back. Phew! Talk about stress. Gives me the jitters just thinking about it.

What you need is a way to instantly calm yourself down so you can focus on the task at hand–acing the interview! Here’s an ancient meditation that involves both a mudra (hand placement) and a mantra (sacred word chant). It’s called The Calming Heart Meditation and it does just that. The repetition of certain key phrases in a mantra allows the mind to focus and the body to relax. This method does not conflict with your religious beliefs, or lack thereof. Rather, it is a technique of ancient yogis and feng shui practitioners to clear our minds and hearts of clutter so that we can be more receptive to our intended task.

So, before you go to the interview, take a few minutes alone and chant the following meditation. Begin by placing your left hand on top of your right hand and touch the thumbs in the center. Bring your cradled hands over to your chest as if you were holding your heart. You may close your eyes or keep them open; it’s up to you.

The next part is a bit trickier. You will need to recite the mantra over and again nine times to calm your heart. It doesn’t take long once you know the words. Until you memorize them, you can use a cheat sheet and read the words instead, repeating 9 times. The words are: GATE GATE PARA-GATE PARA SAM GATE BODHI SVAHA (pronounced: Gah Tay Gah Tay. Pahra Gay Tay, Pahra Sahm Gah Tay, Bode-ee Svah Hah). The words literally mean, ” Gone, gone, gone across, completely gone across, the enlightened state, it is accomplished, I recognize the truth in myself.” Nine is the minimum, but you can continue repeating the mantra in sets of 9 for as long as you want to.

Remember to use this meditation whenever you feel stressed and need help focusing. Calm your heart before an exam, a hot date,meeting your girlfriend’s family, or an important presentation. It may even help you get to sleep after seeing the Watchmen movie.


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