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I often advise people to enhance their Love & Relationship areas with symbols of love such as hearts. It’s an easy feng shui solution to rev up the romance. However, not all hearts represent good feng shui. As an artist, I admire the creativity used to design the art shown above. The problem? It looks like a large chunk is missing…the love it represents symbolically either isn’t complete, is falling apart, or is missing something important. It could also symbolize heart health issues. This type of art work does NOT belong in your Love & Relationship area nor the Family & Health area nor any bedroom regardless of bagua sector. It could work in a doctor’s or therapist’s office where it would remind people of hearts on the mend. Remember: keep your feng shui eyes open when looking for art. Check out my Love Power Hearts (I still have a limited number available) that were specifically created to stimulate love, peace, and good health through the use of feng shui color and intention and symbolism. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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In 2003, my art installation “WALL OF LOVE: The Art of Feng Shui” was exhibited first in Los Angeles and then in Berlin, Germany as part of the KunstKreuz Love & Peace Festival. The installation consisted of 99 individually painted Love Power Hearts. Each of the heart paintings was designed to activate feng shui through use of color, symbol, and a powerful mantra for peace that was ritually imparted on each piece after the entire 99 were painted. 99 is also a particularly auspicious number.

SIGNED PRINT REPRODUCTIONS OF INDIVIDUAL “LOVE POWER HEARTS” ARE AVAILABLE FOR $18 (includes S & H). Email katyallgeyer at mac.com for more info.

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