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Photo courtesy LA Times (Bruce Howatt)

I’ve often dreamed of a bridge like the one in this pic
. Ropes across a wide span with the wind whipping it to and fro. The trick to crossing a bridge like that–in waking reality or in dream time–is to overcome your fear and just do it, one step at a time.

Pretty soon you’re on the other side, the bridge is behind you connecting you to your past footsteps. Feng shui is like that. While you take inventory of your space you can reminisce over each object you have inside your home and decide which stuff to keep and which no longer serves who you are today. If you don’t love it, shove it. Make room for some new stuff that reflects who you are now as well as who you want to be. Let your home space serve as a bridge by keeping some of your beloved collections yet always reserving some empty space for some things you will want to bring back from future travels.

For some of us, letting go of stuff is scary. We think we may need that thing someday. Or we’re secretly afraid that we’ll never be able to accumulate more stuff again. Even worse, we identify ourselves with stuff that has nothing really to do with who we are. George Carlin did a great riff on stuff.

Anyway, you don’t have to get rid of all your stuff. But I guarantee if you look at all your stuff, you will find some of it no longer fits you or your lifestyle. It could be causing blocks in your feng shui. It could be blocking you from crossing that bridge to see what is on the other side. Do you feel that way sometimes?

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