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Year of the Dog 2018

Kung Hei Fat Choy! As is my custom here at Feng Shui By Fishgirl, each Chinese New Year I feature the art of my dear friend Po Ping T’so Lo in Hong Kong. This year Po has deftly captured the Year of the Dog (maybe because the two adorable pups in the painting are portraits of her own pets). Gratitude to this wonderful artist and friend for giving me permission to publish her artwork.

Every cliche you hear about actual dogs– loyalty, honesty, doggedness, helpful and steadfast friend, playful nature, good appetite, intelligence, protective of loved ones, unconditional love– is true for people born under this sign, too.

Whatever you sign, may you find true love, true health, and true luck in the Year of the Dog!

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 1.45.44 PM

Copyright Po Ping T’so Lo 2018

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year of the horse 2014

© Po Ping Lo 2014

© Po Ping Lo 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choy! That means Happy New Year to you. January 31st rings in Chinese New Year. The beautiful illustration above was done by my dear friend Po Ping in Hong Kong. We’ve been friends for 36 years but who’s counting? See some of her previous illustrations by searching this blog for CNY posts.

The Year of the Horse comes galloping in with action and forward motion, so get ready for big changes in your life! You won’t have time to graze in your pasture until the holiday season at the end of this year. Whether you are an elegant show horse or a wild pony, you’ll have a prosperous year if you get off your butt and JUST DO IT! No excuses. Finish that project, meet that fitness goal, get a fresh start. This is the year you can make great strides in anything you set your mind–and your body–to.

Have you been wondering why there were no posts by fishgirl on this blog for a loooong time? Check out my other blog: going to goa to find out what happened.


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2012 YEAR OF THE DRAGON: Kung Hei Fat Choi!

This Dragon Year is a © creation of Po Ping Design

Happy New Year and Gong Hei Fat Choi-ah! This beautiful illustration of the Year of the Dragon is by my friend Po Ping in Hong Kong and is the third in a series(see Year of the Tiger and also Year of the Rabbit).

The Year of the Dragon is a powerful and auspicious one. Check out some horoscope advice at this link for 2012.  Yet it doesn’t come without the hint of danger…dragons breathe fire, after all. How can you harness the qi energy of the dragon in 2012? Begin by surrounding yourself with images of dragons.  Keep one on your desk or at your place of work where you can glance at it from time to time and visualize yourself being protected by the dragon/ becoming a powerful being like the dragon—in other words, envision yourself as a successful creature. That’s a mighty meditation and all you have to do is close your eyes and use your imagination. Have you ever heard of a dragon with low self esteem?

In ancient times in China, only the Emperor was allowed to use the dragon symbol. Gorgeous silk robes like the one shown here had imperial dragons embroidered on them to indicate rank. You’d be killed if you were caught wearing the dragon! Unless of course you were the Emperor.

Today anyone can take advantage of the dragon’s power. The dragon puppet we have below is a soft plush toy but he’s still scary enough to illicit barks from one of our dogs when she gets too close to him. He’s also a GREAT feng shui activator of the Creativity & Future Projects area of the bagua. Why? Because that sector is associated with Children and what better symbol than a toy puppet that also happens to be the symbol for the year?

The dragon’s breath purges all the stuff we no longer need. This is a year that will go easier on those that embrace change and discard anything in life that doesn’t serve the highest good. Follow your inner dragon to scale new heights! Happy New Year to all of my friends around the world.

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You don’t have to be born in the Year of the Rabbit to harness the energy of the Rabbit for your home this year. The peace-loving Rabbit is wise and cautious and very ambitious. Rabbits are known to have a good eye for art, design, and fashion. It’s well known that actor Brad Pitt has a strong interest in design, and  his partner Angelina Jolie is frequently on the best-dressed list. Both of these actors are born in Years of the Rabbit.

Bring an image of the Rabbit into your home to symbolize that you’re honoring the Rabbit this year. The Rabbit is used often in children’s goods. Anything from ceramic dishes and sippy cups to wallpaper and lamps. What you’re looking for is something sophisticated to reflect your grownup taste in addition to activating your children’s room.It can be a painting–or a print–with a Rabbit in it like this one from Isabelle Bryer Paintings that would be great in a young person’s room (especially if they were born in the Year of the Rabbit!). Isabelle’s painting of “St Alice” is a charming homage to Alice in Wonderland. Coincidentally, Johnny Depp played the Mad Hatter in the recent movie version of Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp’s Chinese zodiac sign is–you guessed it–Year of the Rabbit.

"Saint Alice" © Isabelle Bryer Paintings

Another wise choice would be to choose a Chinese calligraphy print of the symbol for the Rabbit—that way you don’t have to look at actual hares if you’re not partial to them. I found an inexpensive one on Amazon.com. Here’s a picture of it below:

Calligraphy symbol for "Hare" at Amazon.com

I found a site with several Rabbit tureens at various price points that would make great Year of the Rabbit gifts for your loved ones or yourself. Keeping the tureen displayed in the center of your dining table would be a good way to attract peaceful Rabbit energy.

Rabbits are also found on vintage pottery like this one I recently discovered on eBay. It’s very sleek and modern in design with a highly stylized Rabbit. With a bouquet of fresh red flowers in it you could use it as a feng shui solution to attract the prosperity and frugality of the Rabbit to your Wealth Area. Not sure where your Wealth Area is? Check my Feng Shui By Fishgirl bagua map.  You could easily find a concrete or ceramic rabbit to put outside in your garden or the Wealth Area of your entire property as well.

Vintage rabbit Revere pottery on eBay

I did a little Googling and came up with this wonderful black Rabbit lamp on Hive.com, a design resource I love to browse for ideas and the latest in contemporary looks.  Where to place such a lamp? If you’re looking to activate your Wisdom & Knowledge Area this year –perhaps you’re taking college courses, learning a new computer program, studying a new spiritual practice?–then you’d locate it in a room where you study. If you want a Rabbit to remind you of your good taste and love of beautiful decor, you could locate it within your living room in the center of your Tai Ch’i Area. The Tai Ch’i Area is also a great location for channeling Rabbit’s innate peacefulness—to put a rabbit symbol in your central core is to invite the harmony of Rabbit peace to enter your being. Turning on this lamp in your Wealth Area activates the ch’i that stimulates prosperity. Or put it in your Health Area to shed a light on good health. Check the bagua map page to discover what the 9 areas are and how to locate them within your overall home or within an individual room.

A great Rabbit lamp at Hive.com

So you see, there are many Rabbit items out there and many ways to bring Rabbit energy into your home. Rabbits make good pets, too, but only if you have time to take care of them properly. If you’ve always thought you might like a Rabbit as a pet, this is a good year to do it! I do not recommend Rabbit fur in your home—death energy is the last thing you want to bring into your happy home.

Use your creativity and your intuition to decide where you most need Rabbit energy to help you this year. Another way to bring in the Rabbit energy is to have photos of people you know to be wealthy, successful people born in the Year of the Rabbit. (You could have a movie poster of Johnny Depp for instance in your dorm room this year!). Good luck and may the Year of the Rabbit bring you peace and prosperity in 2011.

Rabbit Johnny Depp playing the Mad Hatter


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Original artwork © Po Lo 2011

Chinese New Year is soon upon us and I’d like to wish all of you Kung Hey Fat Choi (or happy new year!). It’s the Year of the Rabbit following the Year of the Tiger. My friend  artist Po Lo created the original artwork you see here. Po’s work is very reminiscent of Erte or Vargas. To see last year’s art from Po Lo: click here. Keep coming back as I will be discussing ways for you to harness Rabbit energy in the new year.


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This website was built with feng shui in mind.

Incorporating feng shui into a web site activates and energizes it in a very subtle way. It’s something the designacologist does naturally when designing websites, business cards, brochures, and paintings. TaylorWrite is a new global marketing firm owned by Kate Taylor. Kate spent 10 years living in Shanghai and Hong Kong and another 10 years traveling throughout Asia. Kate knows about the power of feng shui symbolism and asked me to work with her on creating her new site with feng shui in mind. The entry page is my favorite: can you guess why? It’s not a simple photo collage. It’s a photo collage arranged in a circular bagua formation. Note Kate’s pic is in the upper central position (Fame & Reputation). Go to the site and see if you can discover the numerous feng shui principles we used in the final edit of the design. The ste has also been translated into Chinese.

Note where the "Heartlink" red logo with heart is located.


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