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March is Travel & Helpful People month at Feng Shui By Fishgirl. One of the fun things about traveling for me is putting my feng shui eyes to good use to find unusual places to report about here. Tucked away on a back road off a back road in the already remote Big Pine Key, Florida is one such place. The No Name Pub is famous for being hard to find. Yet once you do, you’ll most certainly find it crowded with other people as this is a most popular destination about 30 miles from Key West. The food is really good pizza, local seafood, and pub fare. We recommend the Royal Pizza. However it’s the decor that caught my attention. Every square inch of ceiling and wall surface and columns has dollar bills stapled to it.

As you can see here, people write their names or other messages on the bills. Can you take a guess at how much money is attached to the No Name Pub’s interior? (By the way, there is an upstairs, too, but they only have half the space there covered with bills so far).

Hearts seem to be a big theme when deciding what message to draw on your dollar. That’s also sending a great feng shui message to the universe: Love and/or I Love Wealth.

Traditionally you will often find one dollar bill framed in restaurants to indicate the first dollar received by customers. Sometimes you’ll see a Ben Franklin framed. Even if they’ve never heard of feng shui, restaurant owners tend to have a sixth sense that honoring the first dollar is good for their luck. It is a symbolic ritual that enhances the ch’i energy—money attracts money—and that’s good feng shui.

We asked the waitress how much money there was stapled all about. She said that the last time someone counted it there was roughly $130,000 in dollar bills fluttering down from the ceiling and walls. There is often a 20 minute wait time for indoor seating which proves that the decor is attracting a lot of business to the No Name Pub. This is one instance where “clutter” is great feng shui!

By the way, one of the most fun things about Big Pine Key is that it is home to an endangered species of miniature Key Deer. They roam freely all over the place. You’re not allowed to feed them. But they are amazing to see because of their petite size.

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Balancing Act

Photograph from Apartment Therapy

I put together some random shots from design blogs that are all different styles of decor but have at least one thing in common: feng shui balance. My point is that you can create feng shui balance with any interior design look.

Photo from Chic Tip

Feng shui balance is about shapes and sizes and pairings of furniture and accessories in a room. It’s also about having a good mix of the 5 elements: wood, fire, water, earth, metal.

I'd rather see a painting over this fireplace because the mirror= water and it puts out the fire. But otherwise it is a rather well balanced transitional room.

I'd rather see a painting over this fireplace because the mirror= water and it puts out the fire. But otherwise it is a rather well balanced transitional room.

Having art really uplifts the ch’i energy of a room (see the top photo for a good example of this). Using the proper scale for the space is also important when you are choosing art and accessories and furniture.

A whole lot of pillows but it's still got good feng shui balance.

Think symmetry and balance when you put together a room. And be sure you don’t let one element overpower all others.

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