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“Void” table base by Louis A. Lara Design for Star International

Finding the right table for your home can take a lot of time and effort. And if you’re also looking for one with great feng shui, it can be all the more of a challenge since so many tables are yang oriented. Not this one! Industrial designer Louis A. Lara created his “VOID” table for Star International with many built in curves. That’s yin energy and is a wonderful feng shui compliment to any room. Void has not only a round top but a base that has softened cut out shapes that keep the yin going.

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Turqs and Purps are on my radar right now. I meandered over to ComfyHeavenHomeDecor this morning and found scads of pics of those color schemes. I got excited. Here’s a slide show of inspiration. Let me know if you like.

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This bathroom duo has colortastic punch! Designed by architect Carlo Colombo, the red and purple coloration make it the perfect activator / protector if your bathroom happens to be located in the Wealth sector of your bagua. It would also be suitable in the Love & Relationship sector. It can be harmful to your feng shui to have bathrooms situated in awkward locations. That’s when you call in feng shui practice to help strengthen the positive and counteract the negative.

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Mixing Corian with twigs? That is the essence of fun shui! I love this outdoor bar by designer
Cathérine Op De Beeck. It has wit, whimsy, and whiskey. Would you agree?


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I’m a sucker for open loft spaces. Click here to jump to missdesign for a really great architectural reno in Australia to see more pics of this fab complex of apartments. This rusty red color is awesome for activating ch’i, btw.

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Can anyone guess why I like this room? Answer: the two round ceramic stools under the wood table balance the yang energy of all the squares and rectangles. So does the round objet d’art next to the hand sculpture as does the cowhide rug but I’m not a big fan of dead animals so that design element  is “optional” depending on your personal preference. I also like the mix of elements: metal, water (black color equals water), wood, earth (plants), fire (red color). See more of this room at Apartment Therapy and browse their great site!

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How would you like to have an elevator for your car? IDEALPARK has a carlift design that will let you store your auto out-of-sight. Talk about a feng shui clutter buster! 🙂

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