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Mixing Corian with twigs? That is the essence of fun shui! I love this outdoor bar by designer
Cathérine Op De Beeck. It has wit, whimsy, and whiskey. Would you agree?


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I’m a sucker for open loft spaces. Click here to jump to missdesign for a really great architectural reno in Australia to see more pics of this fab complex of apartments. This rusty red color is awesome for activating ch’i, btw.

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Can anyone guess why I like this room? Answer: the two round ceramic stools under the wood table balance the yang energy of all the squares and rectangles. So does the round objet d’art next to the hand sculpture as does the cowhide rug but I’m not a big fan of dead animals so that design element  is “optional” depending on your personal preference. I also like the mix of elements: metal, water (black color equals water), wood, earth (plants), fire (red color). See more of this room at Apartment Therapy and browse their great site!

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How would you like to have an elevator for your car? IDEALPARK has a carlift design that will let you store your auto out-of-sight. Talk about a feng shui clutter buster! 🙂

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This lounge and mini sofa designed by Kati Meyer-Bruhl is called “Morning Dew” series. I call it a feng shui do. The elements of style, color, curve are all here. IF it’s also comfortable (and I don’t know if it is) then this would be a fab addition to your feng shui. The design resembles a lotus flower to me which symbolically would work in your Wisdom and Knowledge area of the bagua. Keep in mind that if your mate doesn’t love the design, don’t have it in your home. The idea is to surround yourself with things both of you love.

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Clover Suspension Light by Kundalini

Lighting doesn’t have to be boring. Check out this Brodie Neill design for Kundalini. It’s got curves (and we know that’s good for feng shui!). Designer Julie Moringello of Modernmaine design has these sea urchin inspired lamps made from a variety of materials for endless possibilities in customization.

ModernMaine lighting by Julie Moringello

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Did you know that the color white is equivalent to the metal element in feng shui terms? That means if you’re planning to use stainless steel appliances or metal furniture like this desk, you might want to consider using another color of paint for your walls so that you don’t go too heavy on the metal. Just sayin’. This photo was from the Maine Home facebook page.

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Is it just me or is this post and beam new construction home trying too hard? When I see a photo like this I do see that all the feng shui elements are present: earth (stone fireplace), wood (obvious everywhere, including beams), water(glass used on cabinets), fire (the fireplace), metal (the copper flue and metal banisters as well as white color). So if it’s a good mix, why don’t I feel comfortable in this space? The overall design doesn’t make sense. Look closely and you’ll see that the oversize scale of the fireplace as well as it’s location is more awkward than a teenager on his first date. The contemporary metal wire banisters on the second floor fight the post and beam ruggedness. The wood floors even bug me…I think a wiser choice would have been a wider plank to compliment the posts and perhaps a matte satin finish instead of the highly polished look here. Does this space feel right to you?

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking back through the Feng Shui By Fishgirl archives for shades of grey I found these 50 pics. Okay half that amount. Still, a unique assortment of inspiration, n’est-ce pas? It seems I not only blog about interiors and architecture and design but there’s a fair amount of wildlife, oddities, rocks and rock stars. If you’re a fan of the book “50 Shades of Grey” and were disappointed when you googled my page to find a slideshow of, er, something other than what you expected to find I must apologize. You can read my review of the book here.

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Are vessel style sinks over? Feng Shui By Fishgirl thinks they have only just begun to catch on. They have yet to become so common that you don’t gasp “Aaaah!” every time you use the powder room at a new friend’s house who happens to have one in their bathroom. Vessel sinks come in a variety of options: metal, glass, porcelain, clay, even wood. All of the elements of feng shui —even fire via use of the color red!–can be harnessed with a vessel sink option. They don’t have to be round, but curves do add to yin yang balance in feng shui terms. We found some good examples at Houzz.com and some handthrown sinks in Maine at Wiltjer Pottery. Vessels: Do you sink it’s ovah, dahlink?


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