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Call me Pocahontas but this is an idea that Feng Shui By Fishgirl loves! Imagine it tucked in the woods where The Last of the Mohicans is on his way back to you…or maybe it’s in your backyard and your little wild ones are playing in it happily for hours (instead of watching TV they’re in their teepee). Adding this to my To Do List today!


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HERB GARDEN OR MODERN ART? Who cares! It’s good feng shui :)

Urban herb garden | City garden | Growing herbs | housetohome.co.uk.

Feng Shui By Fishgirl is scouring the internet AND High Point International Furniture Market for inspiration this week. The herb garden wall planter you see above (click on link above to HouseToHome’s blog for more pics) brings a healthy green herb garden into your kitchen and adds color and style to your walls as well—great feng shui!


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FENG SHUI ANALYSIS: 1 Room at a Time

Luxe Magazine photo

Let’s analyze the feng shui of this room. We can’t see the entry (Mouth of Ch’i) for the entire home but I’m going to analyze this space as if the front door were directly behind me a few yards back. That would make the Wealth area the upper left corner of this photo, the Fame area in the center, and the Love area to the right.

The decor is a rather traditional style and this house is in California which accounts for the Spanish mission influences in the window shapes and the chairs used here. (See more of the house at Luxe Magazine).

*The room has a very balanced look/feel. ie: two trees, matching chairs across from each other, big table balancing out the fireplace and creating a barrier for the ch’i to wind around.

*Lots of natural light and that’s always a plus.

* Fireplace is located in the Fame area—fire is the natural element here that enhances and strengthens it. Also, it’s very good that they used art above instead of a mirror (mirror represents water and in this case would indicate dousing of the fire energy, a canceling out of the Fame feng shui).

*The window shape has an unusual Spanish curve representing yin energy. This counterbalances the yang beam energy.

*The candles placed on the tabletop are paired together instead of separated on either side of the table. They are located within the Love area of the actual table top bagua so this is very harmonious and good feng shui.

*There is a good balance of the five elements.

*It’s clean and clutter free.


*The trees have spiky leaves. That is okay in some locations but not so great for the Wealth area or the Love area. Switching them out to a nice rounded leaf shape but keeping them both equal like these two would be a better feng shui move. Big fig leaf ficuses would work as would many other variety of trees.

*The paint color I would choose could have been the same family but slightly redder tone to strengthen Wealth/Fame/Love –or perhaps paint just the end wall in a red based tone to activate these three areas.

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I love this pic from Elle Decor because the giant houseplant–a Fiddle Leaf Fig a.k.a. Ficus Lyrata–demonstrates really good feng shui. The broad shaped leaves without points, the lushness and health of the plant, and the way it embraces the seating arrangement are all wonderful points to consider when selecting indoor plants. Your only challenge is keeping it healthy. Unfortunately, Feng Shui By Fishgirl did NOT inherit mom’s Green Thumb so I don’t know how to advise you in that dept. If it dies on you? Fiddle-dee-dee, just buy another one!


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