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Tembolat Gugkaev is out there. So out there that he has designed a bedside lamp that looks like a nuclear explosion. This is probably not a great feng shui idea but if you think of it as a mushroom instead of a mushroom cloud, maybe you can get around that tricky symbol of world annihilation.

To peruse this designer’s website is to be surprised at every click of the mouse. This banana peel candle holder is charming but if you visit his site you’ll also see some wild and sexy designs, too.

For example, his fun and humorous”Hemispheres Lamp” that is someone’s butt wearing a thong. Where is the correct feng shui placement for such a lamp? A bar or man-cave, perhaps. Or a lingerie shop. I wish he had named it “The Thong Remains the Same” ! 🙂

Feng Shui By Fishgirl would recommend a visit to this designer’s website for the opening page site design alone: you get there and it’s a blank white page…until you wave around your mouse. See what happens! It clues you in that Tembolat has a playful sense of creativity and is a mad genius at work. Any dentist’s office would be enhanced by his “Stooth” stool design (children will love it!).


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Driving on a rainy Monday through Roanoke we visited the O. Winston Link Museum. It’s located in a since abandoned train station that was renovated by Raymond Loewey, the father of industrial design. Everything about the Link Museum was unexpected and an exceptional experience. I highly recommend you check it out if you’re in the area. Or go to see the entire collection online here.

O. Winston Link’s amazing train photography done at night with flash lighting.

But this post is about lunch. We asked the woman working at the visitor’s desk where to get the best burger in town. She told us the Texas Tavern in downtown Roanoke. We liked the name. When we got there we loved the building (good feng shui with it’s red trim!) as you can see from the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Texas Tavern only seats 10 at its lunch counter and that’s it. Wasn’t crowded the day we went. I wish I could say that the burgers matched our expectations but they didn’t. The patty was wafer thin and didn’t even come all the way to the edge of the bun. It tasted like all bun. I must say that the hot dog with Texas Tavern home made relish on it that I saw someone next to me eating looked mighty fine. So…if you go, get the hotdog or ask for a double or triple burger to bring it up to the size of one normal burger anywhere else. Still, they had cool t-shirts and we are always up for adventure…

Some of Raymond Loewy’s famous designs. See more at the website.

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