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In the new blockbuster film “The Hunger Games” the character named Peeta grew up in a bakery and decorated cakes. That’s the explanation given for his skill with the body paint. But Feng Shui By Fishgirl suspects that author Suzanne Collins and the art director on the movie were actually inspired by photographs of Verushka.

Some of you will be too young to know the name Verushka. Her real name is Countess Vera Gräfin von Lehndorff-Steinort and she was one of the world’s first super-models in the 1960’s & 70’s. Unlike her peer Twiggy, Verushka was voluptuous and still is.

Even though I was very familiar with her work in fashion I didn’t know about these artistic camouflage photos that Verushka created. However, lucky for me–and my readers!– my bf was aware of them and suggested I look it up on Google after seeing “The Hunger Games“.

Absolutely breathtaking, no? These performance pieces are Verushka’s vision and concept caught on film by photographer Andreas Hubertus Ilse .  The last portraits in the series were completed in 1992-1996 when the model/artist would have been 52-57 years of age. All the more inspiring to women artists of a certain age. Ahem.

See more photos of Verushka in the book Transfigurations that came out in 1986 and can still be purchased through Amazon.com where it has a 5 star rating. What rating do you give it and do you think the film got some inspiration from it?

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On the surface, in popular novel and now movie “The Hunger Games” it appears that The Capitol has the best feng shui of all the “Districts”. Why? The people are prosperous, the buildings magnificent, the technology and fashions cutting edge. People living here are not wanting for material goods and pleasures. District 12 (where heroine Katniss Everdeen grew up) is surrounded by lush forest. However, the people there are forced to work in the coal mines and are starved for food.

All in all, the world of Panem does not have much positive feng shui energy. The first of the trilogy of books, ‘The Hunger Games’ is a thrilling read with lengthy descriptive passages that conjure up this post apocalyptic landscape and the characters that inhabit it. The movie version was edited with such rapid cuts one doesn’t get a real sense of the place or the horrific nature of the story. Much is glossed over too quickly in the movie. Perhaps they will expand on it in the sequels, ‘Catching Fire’, and ‘Mockingjay’. I hope so! If you read the book and saw the movie, give us your opinion on both  here.


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