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This custom tile design is sweet for a rustic home and brings Earth (tile), Animal energy (the images), and Water (the glass mirror) into a space. See more at http://www.margaretlichatile.com/htmls/gifts.html

Wacky hand made one-of-a-kind mirror would add whimsy to the Creativity & Future Projects (Children) area of a space.

What is it about feng shui and mirrors? Mirrors represent water because of the glass element and also their reflective abilities. In feng shui we often suggest mirrors as a “cure”to solve feng shui problems. If chosen carefully and placed properly, mirrors can enhance a space and negate any harmful ch’i energy.

Ovals and rounds give yin energy to a room full of rectangles.

This unusual hand made ceramic mirror in the shape of a heart could be useful in the Love & Relationship area of a home or bedroom.

Mirrors can and do stimulate the ch’i—this is not necessarily what you want in all areas of your home. For example, for better rest in your bedroom you don’t want a lot of mirrors bouncing light and ch’i all over the place. On the other hand, a dark room might need exactly that—mirrors can substitute for a window and can be used on windowless interior offices for example. So take inventory of your space and decide where you might want to hang a mirror and why you ought to do so.

Dramatic mirrors like this Asian inspired one incorporate BOTH square yand and rounded yin energy.

The elements of wood (sticks), water (the glass mirror), and metal (the white color) all are present in this square yang mirror.

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