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I’m a bath person all the way. Yes, I take showers. But when I lived in a downtown LA loft for 3 years that had only a shower I used to beg my friends to use their bathtubs for a bubble bath soak every now and then. Here are some wonderful bathtubs for the ultimate fantasy Feng Shui By Fishgirl bathroom home spa. Are you a bath or a shower person?

A free-standing tub by Kohler.

"Riva" oval shaped tub by Jacuzzi comes in several sizes.

"Bari" by Bello Bagno is a very yang shaped tub. Does the tropical setting come with?

This firetruck by American Standard is sure to get boys of all ages excited about bathtime!

Princess tub also by American Standard.

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Has anyone else been feeling astrologically battered lately? The news from the mideast is grim, the people of Japan are suffering from the tsunami, the economy is shaky…makes me wanna crawl back into my cave for a couple of years. But it’s gonna be dark in that cave so I decided to look for some lighting. These–all from WeGotLites–are definitely designed with the planets in mind. I wonder if there’s good feng shui on Saturn? Having circular and global shapes definitely adds yin energy to your space to balance out the square angles.

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