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Glass blocks deserve a new look as well as a second glance. Along with the trend towards glass tiles, I think glass blocks are due for a colorful revival. Here you go–first up are some custom hand made glass blocks at the very high end pricewise from Agnes of Glass.

Agnes of Glass handmade glass blocks are gorgeous custom designed.

And while this next pic of colorful glass block was used in a church instead of stained glass windows, it would also be fantastic in a private residence.

These smooth surface color blocks are really elegant but probably transparent also. Not sure that you’d want them in a bathroom shower but they’d make great windows.

Here are some more color glass block designs from Mulia. They’ve also added several different textural patterns to the surface to resolve privacy issues:

Or how about arranging a rainbow wall effect with glass blocks like this? Cool!


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Tianmen Mountain National Park in China has just opened a breathtaking (and scary!) glass walkway a mile up a mountain that hugs a cliff. See more photos at newgarde blog. You don’t have to go all the way to China for this type of thrill, though. The Grand Canyon Skywalk has a glass balcony that you walk way out and over the majestic Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Personally, I’m chicken when it comes to doing this kind of thing. I’d have no problem living in a glass house like the one I featured recently on Feng Shui By Fishgirl but I’d have a huge problem walking on glass over a deep chasm. What about you?

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Photos from Ann Back Blog

They say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones but you could skip stones on the lake without leaving your bed if you lived here. And look at that nifty tool shed attached to one end of it—I’m drooling over the uber-organizational skills of the owner. Sigh. Where did I find such loveliness? At the Ann Back Blog. Ann is a designer and has gorgeous cushions on her blog and lots of design inspiration for Creativity & Future Projects. Check it out while I go back to bed. . .

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