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This lounge and mini sofa designed by Kati Meyer-Bruhl is called “Morning Dew” series. I call it a feng shui do. The elements of style, color, curve are all here. IF it’s also comfortable (and I don’t know if it is) then this would be a fab addition to your feng shui. The design resembles a lotus flower to me which symbolically would work in your Wisdom and Knowledge area of the bagua. Keep in mind that if your mate doesn’t love the design, don’t have it in your home. The idea is to surround yourself with things both of you love.

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Photo From NewGarde Blog

Do you think this sustainable design with photovoltaic panels to recharge your technology is wonderful or do you think the designer is off their rocker? From my Feng Shui By Fishgirl standpoint, I think it’s good feng shui because it is visually pleasing to me, has great yin curves to balance out yang angles, is green design, and has a rocking motion that stimulates ch’i energy. And the other cool thing is I discovered a cool design blog called newgarde that has more information about it and a lot of other cool stuff. Do you like design that extraordinarily creative or do you prefer more traditional furnishings? Why?

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Ping pong is hot. Even Feng Shui By Fishgirl is into it. What do you think of this ping pong table as functional art piece? Would it make me a better player? Would the extra bounce be good feng shui? Happy New Year!

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John Strauss Furniture Design

One of the great things about living in High Point, NC is being able to attend the furniture industry’s big biannual market week. Topping my list of unusual –and beautiful– things I saw this week was this table by John Strauss Furniture Design out of Canton, Ohio. All of John’s furniture is made in the USA of sustainable materials and finishes in factories owned and operated by Amish craftspeople.

The table you see here showcases a slab of 50 million year old fossil limestone! Ancient fossils have a vibration similar to crystals. The energy of the ages is embedded in the stone.Feng Shui By Fishgirl just loves ancient fish…and this table has a balance of elements: wood, water (the glass), metal, earth (the fossil). Incorporating not only nature but history and beauty into your space is very positive feng shui.


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I could see Dr. Seuss sitting in this chair dreaming up his next book. Or Erica Wilson curled up in this chair with one of her famous needlepoint designs. Or a few of these amazing chairs could be scattered around the lobby of the museum at the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park where all the colorful peace cranes are piled sky high…I discovered this cool chair while visiting a really cool new design blog (http://freshome.com). And THAT’s good FUN -shui. Click the link below to see more views of this fun chair. And feel free to post your ideas on who should be sitting in it or where you could most envision it…!

Striking Reupholstered Armchair with Colourful Good Luck Charms.

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