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Photo of Marco Casagrande's "Sandworm" by Nikita Wu

The play of light and shadow in this environmental art piece is breathtaking. “Sandworm” was built on the shores of Belgium by artist Marco Casagrande (note how his name pretty much guaranteed that he’d become an architect / designer…I love when your name matches your calling). I highly recommend you view the complete slideshow of this amazing project. People are using the Sandworm to meditate, hold picnics in, and just escape from the mundane.

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Seek out Creativity & Future Projects and you shall find a myriad of cool ideas on the internet! Case in point:artist/designer Peter Marigold’s art piece “Jam Jar Shelf” shown here and at this link.  Not only is it beautifully creative, it’s also functional. And Peter’s got some very interesting furniture pieces on his website, too.

Think of this piece in your kitchen where you can fill the jars with colorful spices and put cookbooks on the shelf. Or in your art studio: getting your crayons and erasers and other tidbits organized is good feng shui and the see through glass jars let the colors shine through. And what guy wouldn’t love this in his woodshop filled with nails and screws? You can create your own DIY version of this easily. All you need is a collection of screw lid jars and  some skill with a screwdriver and drill and a good shelf to install on. Send me your pics when you’re done!


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All copyrights belong to Pablo Reinoso Studio.

Isn’t this a fun piece of art? My partner and I received this new year’s greeting from his friend artist Pablo Reinoso and we’re not quite sure if he produced it in real life or in photoshop. He’s capable of either. What do you think?


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