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Just for fun shui,  here are some beds with attitude that I discovered in google this week. The hamburger bed is perfect for Ronald McDonald, don’t you think?

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Mixing Corian with twigs? That is the essence of fun shui! I love this outdoor bar by designer
Cathérine Op De Beeck. It has wit, whimsy, and whiskey. Would you agree?


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The Feng Shui By Fishgirl Blog received such a strong reaction to the Hobbit House post that I decided to look for more Hobbit Houses. Came across this fab story about the abandoned Lord of the Rings set in New Zealand. Click here to go to the original blog post at WebEcoist to see 15 Hobbit Houses.

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Designer chairs. Sigh. These are some fun shui designs from Moroso. Check out their website for more information about the designers and their contemporary furniture line.

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LOVIN’ THE USA–the USA bookshelf by Ron Arad

USA bookshelf by artist Ron Arad.

Don’t you just think this is the most cleverest bookshelf you’ve ever seen?  I think it’s an art piece so don’t get all critical about the functionality. As more of us turn to digital e-readers like Kindles and Nooks and iPads, books may end up serving as objets d’art after all. From a feng shui manifestation viewpoint, I would put all my raciest liberal subversive books in the Texas and Florida sections of this Ron Arad bookshelf. Hehehe.

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Thomas Paul Octopus shower curtain at Design Public

If you’re into octopi (and who isn’t?), here’s an octopus shower curtain to go with your octopus chair. Now you simply need an octopus’s garden ringtone and you’re good to go.

Urban Outfitters offers this pocket filler curtain.

If your bathroom is located in the Creativity & Future Projects & Children sector of your home, there’s no better way to activate the fun shui than this pocket filler curtain. Simply add your own art (or your kid’s art) or postcards or other fun stuff and start smiling. Urban Outfitters has several other cool curtain options as well.

Think Geek wants you to Think Freak!

No doubt an homage to “Psycho” and a big hit at Halloween parties, this bloody shower curtain and bathroom area rug are funny but NOT good feng shui. I’ll include the link to Think Geek in case you don’t care about your feng shui. Nobody ever accuses Feng Shui By Fishgirl of not having a sense of humor…

I found this source for handpainted shower curtains. The one pictured here is $115. You can probably commission your own idea at Shower Curtain Art if you can’t find one from the huge selection of handpainted curtains on the site.

I like the punch of red stripes in this Posh Living shower curtain fabric.

Fabric shower curtains over plastic liners are a classy way to go. You can choose your own fabrics over at Posh Living. This fun red stripe works well in bathrooms located in areas of the bagua where red is an activator. Wealth, Fame, and Love areas would all benefit from this choice.


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I could see Dr. Seuss sitting in this chair dreaming up his next book. Or Erica Wilson curled up in this chair with one of her famous needlepoint designs. Or a few of these amazing chairs could be scattered around the lobby of the museum at the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park where all the colorful peace cranes are piled sky high…I discovered this cool chair while visiting a really cool new design blog (http://freshome.com). And THAT’s good FUN -shui. Click the link below to see more views of this fun chair. And feel free to post your ideas on who should be sitting in it or where you could most envision it…!

Striking Reupholstered Armchair with Colourful Good Luck Charms.

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