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Outdoor cafe with pillows for comfort.

Acrylic outdoor furniture by Luca Bonato of Fusina

Tiny chair replicas in a shop window.

Picasso-Thonet rocker.

Ancient Egyptian chair and ottoman.

Amazing gathering of Philippe Starck Ghost Chairs.

Some cheerful chairs to brighten your day. All photos taken by Feng Shui By Fishgirl.

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I could see Dr. Seuss sitting in this chair dreaming up his next book. Or Erica Wilson curled up in this chair with one of her famous needlepoint designs. Or a few of these amazing chairs could be scattered around the lobby of the museum at the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park where all the colorful peace cranes are piled sky high…I discovered this cool chair while visiting a really cool new design blog (http://freshome.com). And THAT’s good FUN -shui. Click the link below to see more views of this fun chair. And feel free to post your ideas on who should be sitting in it or where you could most envision it…!

Striking Reupholstered Armchair with Colourful Good Luck Charms.

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