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Feng shui principles incorporate the belief that if we set our intentions, we will eventually manifest the goals that we set. Just how do we set intentions? First, we need to know what exactly it is that we want. If I were to ask you what you want from your work life, would you simply say “More money! Less work!” or would you say “I want a job that fullfills me” or perhaps “I want to make a difference and feel appreciated for the work I do!”. All of these are valid intentions.

Close your eyes and go back in time. What did you always think you might do when you grew up? Ask yourself, did your world revolve around reading books or did you spend a lot of time at the video arcade? Did you enjoy being outdoors or were you at your best sitting at a table with your coloring books? Were you the ringleader of your group of friends or were you the shy one? The answers to these questions might give you clues as to what activities in the workplace you are most suited to. Set your intentions to find a new dream job in 2010!

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