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Photo of paints by merr merr

Feng Shui By Fishgirl just found out about Squam Art Workshops on Squam Lake in New Hampshire. Why didn’t they have camps like this when I was growing up in NH? Oh well, they do now and that’s all that counts! “Creativity as a way of life” is Squam’s motto. According to their website, “Each day has a variety of classes to choose from such as: painting, mixed media, drawing, writing, photography, cooking, food styling, yoga, knitting, embroidery, sewing, sculpture, jewelry making, journaling, and screenprinting. There are always optional evening events and each retreat has its own unique extras. For instance, both the Spring and Fall sessions have a marvelous Art Fair on the last night, squam by the sea has bonfires on the beach and SquamItalia! will have excursions to olive groves, open-air markets and wild dinner parties under the stars.”

Photo by Emily Proudfoot

Almost sounds like Etsy on steroids (which to some of us is a good thing)! And all of the classes take place on one of NH’s most pristine lakes, only about 40 minutes drive from where I was born. Some of the classes are already filling up and there is an “early bird special” for those that register before January 31st. You’ll not only be taking art classes and enjoying nature, you’ll also be supporting 1% for the planet. Where do I sign up? Click here for Spring 2012 registration.

Photo by Christine Chitnis


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'Multicolor VOCHO VW Beetle Sedan Quilt' by Margarita Cabrera

I’m a very visual person and am attracted to color as an artist. But as a feng shui expert I am also very attracted to symbolism and the energetic power that symbols hold for all of us, much of it subliminally. Today I saw an exhibition at SECCA in Winston-Salem, NC  by artist/activist Margarita Cabrera. Her message is a deeply political commentary on our disposable society, focusing on the plight of immigrants. (click the link to SECCA to find out more about Cabrera’s work). She creates her art out of materials such as the vinyl fabric shown here. I loved the way the artist incorporates sewing into the work and leaves the stitched ends to hang loose instead of snipping them off. Recently I viewed some of Andy Warhol’s work where he’d stitched four photos together the same way and also left dangling threads. Those ‘loose ends’ invite the viewer in to complete the experience. I’ve been seeing a lot of fiber arts lately, too, that make me want to drag out my old sewing machine and set it  up in my art studio.

'Baby Grand Piano' by Magarita Cabrera

'Mini Hummer' by Margerita Cabrera

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The Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara, California was one of the stops I made on my recent visit to Los Angeles. Go to their website and you’ll find out how fabulous the rooms are and the service is. Be sure to book a spa treatment, too, and they will come to your room to do it. That being said, I was happy to see the feng shui of their lobby was so fresh and welcoming.

Canary Hotel lobby.

Check out the photo above as there are some great ideas for your own home. Note the large textile piece hanging over the couch. This is perfect for rooms with high ceilings and it takes the place of fine art. This would also work behind a bed to create a mock headboard effect, anchor the bed, and to balance out the bed with a taller chest of drawers in the room. This particular textile is wonderful because of its colors as well as it adds some round yin energy to the otherwise squarish yang shapes. Note there are matching lamps to either side of the couch yet the art next to the textile on either side is different. You can use this approach when hanging objects and art in your home–create a balanced look even though it is asymmetric.

Great use of round mirror.

In the lobby lounge and restaurant bar, the bright colors used for the furnishings lifted the dark color wood flooring and bar. Here you see a bright red very large round mirror—great feng shui! The yin shape balances out the square lines of the chairs and even the chairs have rounded edges. The mirror brings light into a dark corner as well.

Most people are afraid to use color in their homes but as you can see from the top photo, you can have a neutral color couch and add touches of warmth through the wall color (ie: yellow) and the bright accents in the textile piece. A quilt used as a wall covering would do the same thing.

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My Boyfriend’s Neckties Get New Life as a Quilt


Idea: Recycle unused neckties into a beautiful quilt. 

How to: Select your ties, open up the back center seams, press them flat, merrow finish the edges, arrange them on a piece of cloth of your choice (I used velvet), baste them in place (necessary because most ties are cut on the bias which makes the grain shift when sewing them down later), sew them down permanently (I used machine but some traditionalists might want to hand sew). Back the quilt with another fabric (I used a chenille throw), finish edges. 

Quilts are works of art and represent loving hands at home—always great energy and that’s good feng shui!


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