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Why is removing clutter so important to good feng shui? Let me give you an example of how clearing space makes room for good things to happen. I have been feeling blocked lately (it happens to feng shui practitioners, too) I sat still with it and noticed that I had let a few things pile up on my desk, had a “to-do list” that was a couple pages–and a couple of months–long overdue, and I knew if I didn’t address all these things I  would feel even less inclined to do them as time went on. I have a client project I need to complete on a tight deadline but couldn’t muster the energy or focus to do it. I have paintings I want to paint in time for the summer gallery season in Maine and I am only partly done.

So…I began one night this weekend with clearing off my desk, slowly working through the piles of bills and filing work. Checked it off my list. Took out the list. Ordered a new cheaper mobile phone service from Virgin Mobile that will cost me $60 less per month than my original provider (check!). Scanned artwork in to upload to my facebook page (check!). Filled out an online survey that earned me a free tall sized drink at Starbuck’s (check!). Gathered up stuff to donate to Goodwill (check!). Worked on some press releases for an upcoming art event (check!). Followed up with my blog (check!). I won’t bore you with the rest of my list.

Today I went to Starbuck’s to redeem the free tall drink–the barrista gave me a free venti frappucino (triple the size of the original free offer) with an extra shot of coffee (score!). The facebook upload of my art resulted in one painting selling immediately (score!).  Later that afternoon I had to appear in court for two traffic violations that happened under extenuating circumstances; I had to sit and wait patiently for 2 hours until my case was called and then the DA dismissed my $380 charges with only a warning (score!). I visited Williams-Sonoma to return a broken two year old  $200 blender for which I had no receipt as I had always been under the assumption that Williams-Sonoma had a lifetime warranty on their products. I’d had this blender boxed up for 9 months meaning to return it (building up negative ch’i on my to-do list). After a little hassle and listening to the manager explaining to me why they no longer have that lifetime warranty policy in place I was given a brand new blender from a better brand with equivalent value (score again!).  Do I feel lucky? YES! I feel like the way was cleared for me to benefit from good luck. I also applied the intention of positive action—deciding to clear the decks of my to-do list is setting intention to make room for auspiciousness, making time to act on things you need to do sets other things in motion (ie: my art work was painted but I still had to take steps to scan and upload it in order to expose it to potential buyers). By reviewing my bills and seeing that my mobile phone was costing me too much, I consciously took action to switch providers saving me a great deal of money that sends a message to the universe: I respect money and I deserve more to come my way.

This is what it feels like to be “in the flow”. I did have one negative today…my windshield has a crack on it that will need an expensive repair. But I’m taking it in stride and taking care of this maintenance right away instead of letting it pile up a ton of negative energy. Keeping your life clutter free really does attract abundance. Try it! And please share YOUR stories of clearing out the clutter in your life.

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White Rooms Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

White Rooms Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

Clutter and dust and dirt block the free flow of ch’i. However, there are circumstances where one can have a spotlessly clean space worthy of the “white gloved lady test” and yet the place feels lifeless. A beautifully decorated home displaying Architectural Digest’s epitome of good taste and refinement does not guarantee the optimum free flow of ch’i, either.

The term most often applied by Feng Shui practitioners for this type of
situation is “stillness”. You will see descriptions such as “extreme
stillness in artwork”, or, “lack of movement” when you are reading about Feng Shui. When we talk about stillness in artwork, we are not implying that you must discard all of the stationary paintings on your walls and replace with mobiles and moving scultpture. Stillness in artwork encompasses many aspects, that taken individually, or, added to other problems with decor, add up to stale ch’i.

Let’s say you have a very modern white-on-white room with lots of chrome metallic fixtures and the artwork you’ve chosen consists of very stark black and white framed photographs in black or metal frames. I would not be surprised to find the atmosphere in this room to be chillingly still. This creates an atmosphere of stagnant ch’i which in turn can lead to not just blocked opportunities, but adverse health conditions. The reason? The stillness is created by a lack of balance.There is no warmth, no vitality, no breath. It’s all one color: white,which in Feng Shui is equated with metal….so with the chrome accents,you have added metal to metal.

What this room needs is to be balanced with some other elements …wood, green living plants, colorful or textural rugs / pillows / paintings/sculpture. The black and white photographs could be beautiful accents in another room or could improve the sterility of the metallic white room if they were framed with warm wood such as cherry.

Can a white-on-white room be achieved and still be warm and inviting? It would require careful consideration to include the Five Elements and to have a variety of textures and several shades and tones of whites to creams. This is when your decorator needs to call in a Feng Shui consultant. Or add touches of color for oomph and visual warmth as we’ve done here:
The green and purple and the knick-knacks in wood tones help but still more could be done.

Do you think you could live in a completely white-on-white home? Why or why not?

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