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Feng shui lucky number 9 is in triplicate today! Use the day to set intentions for new wishes/dreams, setting goals for future projects, getting organized for success. Launching intentions on 9-9-09 should give you an extra boost of Qi (chi = energy).

What makes 9 so special?
There are 9 parts to the feng shui bagua map. Multiples of 9 are used for sacred things like mala beads (prayer strands will have 27 or 108 beads in them for reciting repetitive mantras, 9’s are also used for “red envelopes” to seal feng shui Qi energy after feng shui wisdom is offered). The Chinese grocery store “99 Ranch” used 99 for ‘double luck’. When selecting fish for a lucky fishtank, 8 black and one gold = 9, or, 8 gold and one black.

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