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There’s a really comprehensive post about fancy dog houses over at dogster.com. Click the link and you’ll see more photos of supermodel Rachel Hunter’s dog houses (shown here) as well as Paris Hilton’s supposedly $325K doggie digs. Having pets is wonderful for your feng shui. Making them live apart from you in an outside house–no matter how nice–is not so great for either of you. If you want to benefit from the loving relationship that a dog can give you, treat them as you would any member of the family.

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GOING TO THE DOGS: $18K-$23K Doghouses

Feng Shui By Fishgirl hopes your feng shui is excellent so you can spend some of that extra cash on your pampered pooch. The luxury doghouses at La Petite Maison give one paws. Elaborate copies of wealthy owners’ homes, they cost between $18,000- $23,000 or more! Believe it or not, less than a mile from my home is a full-sized mansion that is home to the remaining golden retrievers of the late eccentric philanthropist Randall Terry, Jr. He bequeathed millions to charity including a wonderful new veterinary complex opening soon in North Carolina. And he left his house and pool–no kidding–for his dogs to enjoy until they die. There are caretakers who look after the dogs but they do not share the home with them.

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