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The Stackhouse home (photo courtesy HBO)

If your grandmother had been murdered in your home would you still want to live in that house? If a pagan goddess had held orgies and human sacrifices in and around your property, would you slap a coat of new paint on it and say ‘good as new’ and carry on with your life once the trash was removed? If you spent 5 minutes in the faery realm that was equal to a year in human time and came back to find people thought you were dead so they sold your house to a vampire while you were away would you fight to keep that house–the same house with all this negative history? That’s what Sookie Stackhouse of HBO’s “True Blood” series is doing.

I am a big fan of this show–it’s a hoot and a half–and if I were invited to Bon Temps to do a Feng Shui By Fishgirl consultation for Sookie I think my advice would be to move! There’s only so much a space clearing smudge can do when there is excessive residual build-up from horrific events. Now she’s got a vampire living in her basement (okay so Eric’s a hottie vampire but he’s still an unwanted guest at this point in the series) and that is causing her stress.The place has been renovated (a big feng shui plus) but her brother who lived there with her has been kidnapped by Cat People (a big feng shui minus) so the makeover hasn’t changed the weird ch’i much, it seems.

Sookie, you can do better, girl! Take the money from the sale of the house and go get yourself a condo with a pool so you can soak up the sun while the vamps are asleep. What do you think? Should Sookie stay or should she go? Are you a True Blood fan?


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Photo Credit: Roger Davies for Elle Decor

This is what some of my blogger friends call a “drool worthy room”. Elle Decor has the entire makeover of the barn this bedroom is situated in if you click here. I love the bed and the whitewashed bare barn but I always look with feng shui eyes. So let’s improve the feng shui here with some Feng Shui By Fishgirl touches:

1) Beam me up, Scottie! There are not only beams from the ceiling, but also cross beams from the twig bed. An easy fix is to tie a white linen or cotton “crumb-catcher” canopy to the bed. You can find a sheer fabric so you still have a light airy feel to it. White equals metal in feng shui terms and metal cuts the impact of the wooden beams. That disperses the energy so you don’t feel oppressive weight bearing down on you while you’re trying to get a good night’s rest in that gorgeous twig bed!

2) Balanced Side Tables…unless this is a guest room where one won’t be staying long, the feng shui would be better served by two matching nightstands and/ or two matching lamps. If it’s the master bedroom, the idea is to have equal balance so that no partner has dominance over the other. Unless you’re into that kind of thing of course, but that’s a different blog altogether!

3) Poison Arrows…the uncovered windows are in alignment (directly across from each other) and this causes a “poison arrow” of too-fast-moving ch’i. Again, a filmy cloth barrier would do the trick and still let the light and openness into the room. It doesn’t need to be a curtain. It could be a shade or shoji screen or even a bead curtain. Use your creativity!

Be sure to check out Elle Decor for the rest of this cool barn house. What would you do differently? Or, what do you love about it?

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There’s a great slide show of John Mayer’s pad at Elle Decor. I’ve taken the liberty of reviewing the musician’s lair with Feng Shui By Fishgirl eyes. Here are 5 things that could be done to improve the feng shui of the space that was decorated using Armani Casa furnishings.

Mayer's dining room. Photo by Simon Upton for Elle Decor.

1] ADD SOME YIN SHAPES to offset the male yang square shapes throughout the apartment. One easy place to do this would be the dining room. The table itself could be round, or, less expensive to change out would be to change the lampshade shape to a big globe instead of the square.

Simon Upton pic for Elle Decor

2] TOO MUCH WOOD. Reface the cabinets. There’s too much wood ch’i and it was a mistake to match the wood floors to the cabinets. A hipper look that would have enhanced the feng shui would have been to add a color cabinet (red, blue, green…depending on the location of the kitchen).

Simon Upton for Elle Decor

3] BIGGER ART. While it was a good thing the designers added color to the wall above the couch, the piece used is too small. Much better if there were two or three panels of this sized piece across the entire wall (or replace it with one large painting). They’ve done the same thing over the guest bed and have left way too much wall space undone.

Another great pic by Simon Upton for Elle Decor

4] REPLACE DEAD PLANTS. While we approve of the Jimi Hendrix portraits, dead leaves on plants like the one here represent dead ch’i energy. Replace all dead plants with thriving ones or cut flowers for good feng shui.

Simon Upton for Elle Decor

5] DIVERSIFY. Using just one source for your entire home (in this case, Armani Casa) leads to a pretty homogenous environment akin to a furniture showroom and not a home. It’s boring, John! Adding pieces carefully selected to represent your own personal taste, maybe from your world wide concert tour cities, would transform this space. You can still do it by reupholstering some of the pieces (the barstools and maybe one chair in the living room) with interesting fabric.

So what do YOU think? Will John Mayer take the advice of Feng Shui By Fishgirl?


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