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Photo of Hawaiian wind & water courtesy Scott Morgan 2008.

Photo of Hawaiian wind & water courtesy Scott Morgan 2008.

Q: What is the meaning behind the feng shui translation “wind and water”?
A: Wind symbolizes breath, which moves in and out of our bodies and gives us the life force known as ch’i (energy). Water symbolizes that element that is essential to life and is also about movement. Both represent opportunities for health and well being.

Q: Does it matter where I place my trash can in my office?
A: Symbolically, you don’t want to place your trash can in your Wealth power position. However, you can counterbalance the negative effects by using a waste basket that has a lid on it which seals the trash inside.

Q: My back faces the entry door where I work and I can’t change it. What can I do?
A: Put a mirror up. Or keep your door shut so you know when people are entering.

Q: Have you ever worked on any celebrity homes?
A: Yes, I usually sign confidentiality agreements.

Q: What is the most important feng shui rule to follow at work?
A: Clutter of any kind keeps us from focusing and is the easiest thing to solve. Keep your workspace well organized, clean, and clutter free and you will be happier and more productive at work.

Q: I’ve heard that red is an important color in feng shui. Is that true and why?
A: Red represents the element of fire which stimulates ch’i. You can harness the activating power of red in many ways. For example, wearing a red necktie or red underwear can give you the feeling of being at the height of your full power (hence the term, “power tie” or “power suit” in regards to clothing of red color).

Q: Is it okay to get just my office feng shui’ed even if the rest of the building hasn’t been done? A: Yes. Feng shui begins with you and goes outward from there. By making improvements in the small area that you control, you will reap the benefits from good feng shui.

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