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Photo from New York Times Magazine

Did you see this photospread in the New York Times Sunday Magazine yesterday? Click here: Europe’s Starter Castles – Slide Show – NYTimes.com. There are castles all over Europe for sale at drastically reduced prices. Seems even Prince Charming lost money in the stock market and needs to unload his country home. You can buy the one above for 30% off what they wanted for it last year. Feng Shui concerns might be removing residual energy from ghosts, getting the place warmed up enough to feel comfy, and furnishing such a large place with enough stuff so it doesn’t feel empty.


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Hot Travel Tip: Stay at the Sunhead B & B when you visit Amsterdam. You’ll be conveniently located on the Herengracht Canal close to the Dam. The must-not-miss Anne Frank House and museum are right around the corner (even in middle of winter the lines were long here so get up early and beat the crowds). The train station is less than a 3 minute walk away. You’re never more than a 15 minute walk from anything you’ll want to see if you stay at the Sunhead. This most charming B & B is in a 1617 building and the feng shui vibe is lovely. Carlos, your innkeeper, will delight you every morning in his cozy kitchen with a huge and delicious breakfast consisting of yoghurt with fresh fruit compote, fresh squeezed orange juice, crusty rolls, prosciutto or bacon, eggs your way, and coffee or tea. This hearty fare can get you way beyond lunchtime if you’re counting calories or coins. His naughty sense of humor is a refreshing way to begin your day as well if you don’t mind a few well placed F-bombs before noon, bitches. We stayed in the Tulip Room under the red-beamed rooftop and double height ceiling which is at the very top of 3 narrow flights of stairs. There is no elevator so if this is a concern, you’ll want to pass on this opportunity. There’s so much to see and do in Amsterdam you’ll want to stay 4-7 days.



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