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Yesterday my b.f. and I went to visit the Deer Isle Hostel. While we support the idea of back to the land sustainable living with low impact on the planet, we couldn’t believe that the accommodations being offered for $25 per person per night would be anything remotely cozy & comfortable. We were wrong.

Dennis Carter and his lovely companion Anneli Sundqvist have created a remarkable space. Reminiscent of a Shakespearean village building, the DIH building—handbuilt by master carpenter Dennis over a period of 3 years—is as charming a shelter as any you’ll find on the island. Exposed beams, wood floors…although it was 85 degrees the day we visited, the inside of the hostel was cooled naturally by the design of the building and its exposure to the sun.

While the outdoor composting john is rustic, it is also state-of-the-art and odor-free. The outdoor shower is a delightfully ingenious invention ( one preheats a watering can on the woodstove or in the sun, then hooks it up overhead).

The hostel is adjacent to the Edgar Tennis Preserve nature trail which is one of the most beautiful walks on the island.

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