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Pink Ballerina

Isn’t this lovely for a little girl’s room?
Bunnies & Kittens & Bears, Oh my!

And this slightly scary bunny on the donkey would be cool in our guest bathroom…
The Pony League

But if I had a little boy, I’d splurge on ‘The Pony League’ wallpaper and read him bedtime stories about The Babe and Reggie Jackson.

More vintage wallpapers to go ga-ga for at Rosie’s Vintage Wallpaper. She’s got 50,000 rolls, 50!

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We’re on our way over to see the sustainable “Float Rope” doormats over at Nervous Nellie’s. That’s Anne & Peter’s dog Scout seen next to a pile of the colorful recycled float rope mats. Scout and mats We think these are way cool, do their job well, and are one small step (pardon the pun) you can take to help save the planet. Is that good feng shui? You bet! What’s in front of your door? Send me pics, please.

Photos courtesy of Nervous Nellie's.

Photos courtesy of Nervous Nellie's.

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A pair of mismatched bedside tables that defy a feng shui principle.

A pair of mismatched bedside tables that defy a feng shui principle.

Trying to get your love groove on? If you’re having trouble with your mate or problems finding a date, the feng shui solution could lie in your choice of bedside tables. Traditionally, feng shui for activating the Love & Relationship sector includes the following ‘rules’ about bedside tables;

*Always have two bedside tables, not one.

*Always have matching bedside tables to represent a balanced, equal, loving relationship where one person(table!) doesn’t dominate or overwhelm the other.

Rules are made to be broken (and it’s so much more fun to break them, don’tcha think?). I found this photo on Apartment Therapy that illustrates my point. Here are two not-so-obviously mismatched tables that work beautifully. And, I think they represent a union of two individuals, separate but equal, finding common ground in love. What’s next to your bed?

UPDATE 3/17/2010: Here’s a photo from Apartment Therapy that I just love. The homeowner used etageres as nightstands. Good feng shui? Yes, these work because they are the same but also importantly they do not overpower the bed because artwork was hung properly to balance it out in the center.

Here’s another bedroom with beams and a beamed bed.


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Lupine blooming in Maine. (c) Katy Allgeyer

Lupine blooming in Maine. (c) Katy Allgeyer

Enough already with winter! I’ve got cabin fever, don’t you? I realize it’s only 4 days or so until spring is officially here but it still can’t come soon enough for me. 

My desk feels like it’s closing in on me. Here’s a quick fix:

1) Stop what you’re doing, breathe in and out deeply 3 x.

2) Drink a big refreshing glass of water.

3) Get up off your duff and stretch to the ceiling.

4) Take a few moments to tidy up your surroundings without going for the full spring cleaning routine (save it for another day).

5)Treat yourself to a beautiful floral bouquet to enjoy for the rest of the week. The color and fragrance will lift your chi (energy). Be sure to display it where you will enjoy it most–your desktop or somewhere in the room you spend most of your day in.

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Birdcage set of 5 from Chuck E. Byrd Vinyl Wall Art.

Birdcage set of 5 from Chuck E. Byrd Vinyl Wall Art.

Today while surfing I stumbled upon this cool site that offers wall art in the form of vinyl graphic images that are applied directly to the wall. Kind of an instant mural treatment. This particular design of 5 birdcages is wonderful feng shui. Why? Because it fills in a space and lifts the eye / energy upward, has the activation color red in it, and visually enhances an otherwise dull space. All this for well under $100 bucks. This is an example of how feng shui does not have to break the bank. Check out Chuck E. Byrd for more designs to choose from.


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An LA loft with good feng shui.

An LA loft with good feng shui.



Can you spot the feng shui solutions I used in this space? 

The large wood oval shaped dining table represents yin energy (feminine) and is balanced by the square backed chairs that are yang energy. The orangey red color of the chairs represents fire and enhances the Fame & Reputation location where they are situated in this room. The square backs of the chairs balance the table’s curves. Rounded leaf green plants and a tree are in the Wealth area, notice how they are also placed up high to balance out the 14′ ceilings. Orchid plant in full bloom balances the stone countertop. A mobile made of metal in the form of buffalo represents ‘prayer and abundance’ and is well placed in the Wealth power point, lifting chi energy and recirculating it throughout the space. Since I am also a fine artist, I wanted one of my paintings to be displayed in the Wealth area–this one has colors red and green in it which also activates wealth. The elements of wood, water (glass bowl on table, window out of view),metal, fire, and earth are all represented here.

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