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I stumbled upon this image today but no information about it came with it. It’s a wonderful imaginative image but my jury’s still out on whether or not it is good feng shui. The goldfish are an excellent feng shui symbol of luck–having 9 of them, 8 gold with one black isrecommended for optimum feng shui. Balloons are a lighthearted symbol and I would associate them with celebration, children, and creativity. That being said, not sure I like the idea of trapping goldfish in air and releasing them into outer space…whimsical or not. I do like the way this painting looks. Should I lighten up? Let me know if this is a happy feng shui image for *you*.

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KEYBOARD TO HAPPINESS / via Apartment Therapy

Colorful Keyboard Makeover With Masking Tape minifanfan | Apartment Therapy.  See “How To” at the link to original article. FUN Shui!

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Installation by Farhard Moshiri

Farhard Moshiri lives and works in Tehran, Iran. That can’t be easy. Look closely at his cutting edge installation and you’ll see that it’s made from knives, albeit beautiful ones. Imagine finding yourself in such a stifled society where creativity is not prized? How would you express yourself as an artist? Would you be afraid of repercussions from the government? Would that stop you from making art? Would you still have the time and luxury and freedom to believe in Feng Shui? See  more of Farhard Moshiri’s work.

"Choc Line" 2007 Installation of 130 small acrylic paint pasteries


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Seek out Creativity & Future Projects and you shall find a myriad of cool ideas on the internet! Case in point:artist/designer Peter Marigold’s art piece “Jam Jar Shelf” shown here and at this link.  Not only is it beautifully creative, it’s also functional. And Peter’s got some very interesting furniture pieces on his website, too.

Think of this piece in your kitchen where you can fill the jars with colorful spices and put cookbooks on the shelf. Or in your art studio: getting your crayons and erasers and other tidbits organized is good feng shui and the see through glass jars let the colors shine through. And what guy wouldn’t love this in his woodshop filled with nails and screws? You can create your own DIY version of this easily. All you need is a collection of screw lid jars and  some skill with a screwdriver and drill and a good shelf to install on. Send me your pics when you’re done!


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Photo of paints by merr merr

Feng Shui By Fishgirl just found out about Squam Art Workshops on Squam Lake in New Hampshire. Why didn’t they have camps like this when I was growing up in NH? Oh well, they do now and that’s all that counts! “Creativity as a way of life” is Squam’s motto. According to their website, “Each day has a variety of classes to choose from such as: painting, mixed media, drawing, writing, photography, cooking, food styling, yoga, knitting, embroidery, sewing, sculpture, jewelry making, journaling, and screenprinting. There are always optional evening events and each retreat has its own unique extras. For instance, both the Spring and Fall sessions have a marvelous Art Fair on the last night, squam by the sea has bonfires on the beach and SquamItalia! will have excursions to olive groves, open-air markets and wild dinner parties under the stars.”

Photo by Emily Proudfoot

Almost sounds like Etsy on steroids (which to some of us is a good thing)! And all of the classes take place on one of NH’s most pristine lakes, only about 40 minutes drive from where I was born. Some of the classes are already filling up and there is an “early bird special” for those that register before January 31st. You’ll not only be taking art classes and enjoying nature, you’ll also be supporting 1% for the planet. Where do I sign up? Click here for Spring 2012 registration.

Photo by Christine Chitnis


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Creativity is such an important element of a person’s life that it merits its own sector on the feng shui bagua along with Career, Fame & Reputation, Travel & Helpful People, Wealth, Love, Family & Health, Wisdom & Knowledge, and the tai chi center. I’m putting the spotlight on Creativity the entire month of January at Feng Shui By Fishgirl. Need some inspiration? Creative Something blog has several ways to spur yourself to Just Do It when you’ve lost your way. Have an abundance of ideas? Check out Kickstarter.com for a very creative way to get crowd funding for your art or design project.

How can feng shui help? Locate the Creativity & Future Projects area within your entire home or one particular room that you do your creative work in. (Use my Bagua page to help locate the power position for Creativity). Once you’ve found it, figure out ways to incorporate the symbols, colors, and elements that enhance and strengthen this sector. Since children are associated with Creativity, it would be appropriate to give a nod to children in some way–for example, framed photos of yourself as a child or your favorite children (whether they are yours or your nieces and nephews maybe) would do that, or art work done by children. If you have a doll collection or build models or something along the lines of childhood, that would also activate this area. Keep it playful! Bring out your own inner child to think outside the sandbox.

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