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Feng shui uses the bagua to determine specific sectors that respond to activators that enhance the feng shui when these activating objects or symbols are placed in their proper spots. For example, the Creativity & Future Projects sector of the bagua is the natural place for children. You’d strengthen this area of your home by hanging photos of yourself as a child, your children, artwork made by children, etc in the Creativity & Future Projects sector of your home. The photo above shows one highly creative way to add photographs of children to energize a room: have a giant wall mural photograph installed like this one.

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Alison Brislin of Apartment Therapy did a very funny post that shows her Creativity & Future Projects skills to the max. The AT editor took photos of interior design rooms and matched them to photos of Ryan Gosling in a variety of outfits–the photo juxtapositions and commentary seemingly coming from the celebrity himself. Check out the post at the link below and see if you don’t find it hilarious as well as inspiring (for the excellent writing that Alison does as well as the visual interior design motifs).

Outfit to Home: Ryan Gosling | Apartment Therapy.

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Sweet hammock on a stand from Target is on sale $116.99-- buy now, save for summer!

In order to BE creative, you gotta make time for yourself to relax and FIND your creativity. In other words, a place to dream awhile. What better way than to stretch out in a hammock? I did a little research and found these two versions at Target. Both are on sale and have great features like mildew resistance etc. One comes with a stand, the other one “just add trees”. I’m thinking that the one on the stand would be a great add to my art studio INSIDE! Voila:  Creativity & Future Projects (plus a power nap!), here I come.

Hammock from Target only $39.50 at time of this posting!

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Apple® Pie in Remembrance of Steve Jobs

Apple® Pie    (photo ©Katy Allgeyer)

Apple® Pie (photo ©Katy Allgeyer)

Very few people have lived so fully within the Creativity & Future Projects sector of the feng shui bagua as Steve Jobs did. Founder and CEO of both Apple and Pixar Animation, Steve shaped the way we communicate with his innovative visions. Dying of cancer at age 56 would be tragic for most of us and I do not discount the tremendous loss that his family and colleagues and employees must feel today. However it is worth noting that Steve’s legacy will continue to shine on and inspire for generations to come. And that is a life well lived, no matter how short it was. Today I baked an Apple® Pie in his honor.

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CREATIVITY & FUTURE PROJECTS: Architects take on Retirement Communities

Wow! Oceanic waves in the desert. I love the undulating lines of this Charles Renfro designed concept. Believe it or not, it’s for a retirement community.It’s good feng shui and it doesn’t treat seniors like fuddy duddies. Many other architects have also come up with renderings for the retirement homes of the future. See the slideshow at the Los Angeles Times.

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