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Here’s a great example of how you can still have a predominantly neutral color scheme in your home but with accessories like pillows, lamps, or window treatments you can add a burst of color that transforms the space into WOW! Pictured here is one of many Morroccan design ideas (click the link to see more) from Inter4Designs. If you get tired of this theme, it’s super easy to switch out your cushion covers to another color or pattern with the seasons or with your mood.

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Detail from a painting by Katy Allgeyer.

Detail from a painting by Katy Allgeyer.

Color plays an important role in the practice of feng shui. You can wear colors that attract the corresponding feng shui area, or decorate your home or work space in colors that maximize the feng shui potential of each area of the bagua. Read on to see how the right hue can maximize your career prospects.

CAREER: Black is the color of the Career sector of the bagua map. Black represents water, which is the natural element associated with career. Wearing black or having black furniture and accessories in your office makes a strong statement that you are serious about your career. Touches of black are enough — anything in excess represents an imbalance. Feng shui is about achieving perfect balance in all areas of your life.

WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE: Green and black and midnight blue are smart choices. If you’re studying for a test, consider wearing one or all of these colors until you’ve passed the exam. Or consider using these colors in your library or office, especially if you are in the professions of law, teaching, clergy or dispensing knowledge of any kind.

FAMILY & HEALTH: Green strengthens ties to health and family. Eating green foods leads to good health.

WEALTH: No surprise here — the color of money is green. Red and purple also enhance prosperity. These were considered royal colors in ancient times and were more difficult and costly to produce. Any symbols of prosperity, such as gold or jade jewelry and accessories, are also good chi boosters for wealth.

FAME & REPUTATION: Red matches the element of fire, which is the activator for fame. Just watch political candidates — even Democrats will wear a red power tie. Wearing red under clothes is also effective.

LOVE & RELATIONSHIP: Red and shades of pink, peach and white are all conducive to romance and the strengthening of relationships. Incorporate these colors into your wardrobe if you’re looking to find romance. Find your Love & Relationship area on the bagua map and use these colors to decorate whatever room or space in your home falls into this section.

CREATIVITY & FUTURE PROJECTS: White is what works here. Perhaps because it represents a clean slate, an empty canvas, a clear mind? White is also equal to the element of metal, which rules this area of the feng shui map. Rooms where creative types meet and work on new concepts ideally should be pristine white.

TRAVEL & HELPFUL PEOPLE: Grey or black or white used singly or together will enhance this area. Silver and other metals also work. Consider framing travel photos in these colors or try wearing a gray flannel suit when you’re meeting with your investors.

Katy’s article was originally published as “Color Therapy” by Working World Magazine.

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