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 I’m reposting this today in honor of having met my mate 4 years ago today. That was my Lucky Day.

Lucky Day (0, 00, 12, 21,25,26)

"Lucky Day (0, 00, 12, 21,25,26)" (c) Katy Allgeyer

 WHEN MERGING two households together to form one, it’s so important to consider your partner and the new environment you are creating together as a team.  Feng shui principles can provide a clear roadmap for facing this challenge.For harmony in your Love & Relationship area of life, it’s important that both people involved have equal say as to how the shared home will be used and how it will reflect both personalities and the joint personality of the couple.
Here are some feng shui principles to apply whether you are just starting out with someone new, or, want to re-examine your current relationship status and make some positive changes where you are now.

* PURGING mementos symbolic of past relationships (whether they were successful or failed) to make room for a fresh start with a new partner is essential to good feng shui. Whether we realize it or not, those photos & videos, diaries, love notes, old engagement rings, stuffed toys, sheets, wedding gifts–you name it— carry an energetic residue from the prior relationship. That energy can block your new relationship from its full potential to bloom or influence it in subtle ways. At the very least, those sentimental mementos can pose an annoying reminder to your partner that you may still carry feelings for someone else (if you don’t, why do you feel you have to hold onto them?). At the worst, those items can be blocking your success. Case in point: a client of mine had divorced and remarried but had her wedding china from her first marriage stored in a box in her master bedroom. Her new husband was having difficulty bringing in new clients. I suggested the china be moved out of their bedroom immediately and sold for cash. The cash flow stimulated more clients and soon after the couple was able to move on to a new home and new happiness (they were able to have a baby together once the ch’i was aligned properly). You owe it to yourself–and your partner–to clear the way for new love to flourish, rather than reserving valuable relationship space for past loves and memories. 

*IT TAKES TWO to tango. Feng shui says to only have things in your home space that you absolutely love. Now that there are two of you, both of your feelings have to be considered. If one of you has a favorite object that the other person hates, your
feng shui will be better if you do not have that item in your joint home. Bring it to your office if you feel you must. Much better is to let it go and pass it on to someone else that may enjoy it. Try to select items from both partners belongings and/or purchase new things together that you both feel good about. The more balance you can bring to your yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) shapes within your shared space, the more balanced the two of you will be when it comes to your relationship. 

*BALANCING BEDS. Having your bed placed in the “Command Position” is always best for your feng shui. What is the Command Position? Having your headboard on any wall other than the one that the entry door is on, so you will
have a clear view to the door. Realistically, this is not always possible. Not all homes are designed well. If your bedroom is configured so that the only option is to put your bed on the same wall as the entry, take heart. There is a solution.
Place a mirror on the wall opposite the door and position it so that you are able to view anyone who might be entering the room as you lay in your bed. Another solution is to have a noisemaker of some kind on the doorway…a bead curtain, for example, or a bell. This would depend on the design and decor of the home and what makes the most sense in your particular space.

*GOOD INTENTIONS. Being kind to others as well as to yourself is the best intention you can contribute to your feng shui. Always try to honor the relationship by considering your partners feelings. Discuss, discuss, discuss.There will be conflict. There will be compromise. As long as there is respect, there is room for love to flourish. 


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