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Have you seen the new Apple headquarters design yet? Click here for more info and images:

Images Of New Apple HQ Unveiled – News – Trusted Reviews.

Why does this building have good feng shui? The gigantic circular shape is yin based and balances the 150 s.f. square shaped plot of land it sits on. The parking will all be underground. The landscaping–both outside the walls and the interior courtyard–brings oxygen creating greenery to the brains inside this think tank and to the surrounding environs. I see earth element, wood element, water element (glass is used freely throughout), and metal element. If the interior has splashes of red that will bring in the fire element, too, for a balance of all five. This headquarters reflects the stature of the company it houses and also creates a respectful workplace for its employees. That’s all auspicious in feng shui terms.


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Spokes of a mandala roof.

Circular shapes are yin based energy (feminine) and are reminiscent of the mandala wheel of life. Good feng shui? You bet! I discovered Mandala Custom Homes on facebook and borrowed these pictures to show you the amazing architectural energy created by this design.

A wraparound porch on a Mandala custom home. Note the curves of the chaise as well.

You don’t have to throw away your box or rectangle shaped home to capture the yin energy of curves. Introduce curves through your furniture. Choose a round dining table instead of a square.

The circle window to the sky recalls the oculus in some ancient temples.

Lamps, windows, and mirrors are also convenient ways to bring in round shapes. The idea is to achieve a balance between yin and yang (square masculine shapes) so that both energies are represented.

You can also harness mandala energy by hanging an actual mandala as art in your home.

Eastern star mandala.

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Innovative: 1931 Water Tower Home on 9 Floors

Innovative Conversion: 1931 Water Tower Turned into Modern Apartment.

From time to time I like to repost other people’s blogs. This one is from Freshome.com and shows the floorplans and several photos of a highly unusual home. What about the feng shui of this space? Well, traditionally spiral staircases are not considered to be great feng shui because they are like having a giant corkscrew drilling through your home. You can see/feel that exact thing happening in the photo of the master bedroom here. The spiral staircase was placed right in the middle of the room! Why?

Notice how the other rooms have a much better feel and the stairs are built-in and better placed to the sides of the building. Since the architects had the option to do it either way, I find it curious that they did so many different versions of staircases in the same home. I find that distracting and disjointed so that makes it less than perfect feng shui. On the plus side the circular shape of the building and the rooms is wonderful if impractical. To live on 9 levels (9 is a good feng shui number) without the benefit of an elevator would be daunting at times…especially getting to the bathroom or the kitchen.

I smiled when I saw this unique home is in Holland. Having just visited there recently I was impressed by the originality of design ideas there. Even the 16th Century buildings in Amsterdam were wonderfully innovative.

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