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When you got married, did you register for fancy china dinnerware for your wedding? What do you do if some if has broken? Having broken or incomplete stuff around your house is a feng shui no-no.

Maybe you got divorced and have one–or two!–boxes of wedding china kicking around in storage somewhere in your home. Hopefully it’s not in your Love & Relationship sector messing with your new marriage…or blocking energy so you can’t find a new partner.

Or perhaps you inherited various china from grandma and are afraid to use it and break it?

Here’s the solution: you can buy missing pieces of your china pattern at Replacements, Ltd OR you can turn your old china set into cash by selling. Now THAT’S good for your Wealth sector AND your Love sector! Replacements, Ltd is a huge retail store near Raleigh, NC. However, you don’t have to live in NC to take advantage of them. Do it all via phone, internet, or postal service.

I’ve never been married or registered for china but I do have a great collection of vintage Fiestaware that I absolutely love for its vibrant energy.
What’s your tableware like?


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