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Beds placed in front of windows tend to be design and feng shui no-no’s. Except when they are as cleverly done and as thoughtfully balanced as this one is. The key is to incorporate proper window dressing as well. Check out about a dozen more excellent examples of how to solve this design dilemma with good feng shui at ElementsofStyleBlog.

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Photo from ApartmentTherapy.com

Are you rethinking your bedroom for a spring makeover? Take a look at this one recently shown at Apartment Therapy. Notice how the art work over the bed continues the line of the headboard upward (a good idea if you have a particularly high ceiling like this one). The side tables and the side lamps are matching—provides great balance and equality symbolizing a happy relationship—always a good feng shui idea in a master bedroom. The walls are pink…it’s a pretty look no matter what since everyone looks better in light that is bounced off of warm pink glow of walls like these, but, it’s particularly wonderful if your bedroom is located in the Love & Relationship sector of the bagua. The room does have a preponderance of wood element, however the lamps and white bedding = metal, the pink walls = fire, the glass windows= water, and the brown coverlet = earth —plus there is a lot of energy in the painting. Feng Shui By Fishgirl gives this room two thumbs up! Look at your own bedroom with feng shui eyes: do you have too much blank wall space? Are your ceilings extra high? Do you have mismatched bedside tables? Do you have any art in the room at all? Are your 5 feng shui elements represented?  You should be able to make small adjustments to bring the feng shui “up to code”.

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