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"Isle au Haut Light"  (c) Katy Allgeyer 2009
I’ve always been fascinated by extraordinary living spaces. Tree houses for example. And castles. In Maine, light houses are called simply “lights”. This one I painted recently is in Isle au Haut off the coast of Stonington, Maine where I live.

The view is fantastic!

The view is fantastic!

The cool thing about it is you can experience living in the light (or near to it anyway)–The Keeper’s House B & B is no longer open but they are renting out the Lighthouse Wood Shed by the week.
We randomly witnessed a couple getting married at the light two summers ago…it was so romantic. Is the feng shui good? Because the light’s purpose is to save lives and give guidance to seafarers, yes. However, to live there year round could prove daunting as the nearby stimulus of seawinds and surging water would be too much chi (energy) to bear at times. That being said, the symbolism of a light makes it a perfect image to hang in your home to remind you of the light within us all. Great feng shui!

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