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I just read a wonderfully insightful article at Helium.com on being honest. The gist of the article was about what it means to be honest not just with others, but with yourself. The writer, Carolyn Gwiazdzinski, hits it on the head when she asks the question “How many of us have considered if we are comfortable with being honest within ourselves and we didn’t shy away from the challenges that come from this kind of honesty, wouldn’t it stand to reason that our relationships would have a stronger foundation and connection within ourselves and each other? True authentic honesty insures that it is not necessary to hide from ourselves and each other.” To me, that means facing the difficult discussions myself and not hiding behind others or letting others speak for me. It also means owning my feelings and letting others know how their actions made me feel. Naturally, to get along in this material world sometimes it’s best to pick and choose which conversations are vital to your authenticity. And, a dose of kindness and tact is required. Otherwise, you could be spewing feelings all day long. And who needs that?!

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