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There are some great tips for artists’ websites here at this link. (Thanks to my friend Maureen for passing that on to me). I have written articles for artists, too. Check out this one about feng shui and websites or this one about how to feng shui your business card. Or this one on an art studio organized by feng shui. If you’d like to meet a cool artist that I’ve interviewed, click here. Or to find out more about an author who makes works of art in her kitchen. Art is everywhere…but how does it improve your feng shui in home or office? Here’s how. Another hot tip? Do a search of the Feng Shui By Fishgirl archive for “art” and “artists” and see all the feng shui/ art related stories we have available to you here.

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In need of a new roof? If you’re in Maine and you have a funky studio gallery that isn’t worth replacing the roof, you might want to consider used billboard tarps like the one shown here on the Art By Katy studio. My boyfriend converted this antique garage space into a studio for me (see the transformation here). At the time the roof was old and had trees, grass, and moss growing out of it. We told the contractor not to touch the roof and that means please don’t pull out the plants! Well of course he pulled ’em out. So a previously dry interior became plagued by leaks. We solved that by putting a regular tarp over the roof. This worked for a couple of years but we had to replace the tarp every year at a cost of $50. No biggie. However, this summer when we came up to Maine the new tarp hadn’t done the job. I think it’s because of the absence of a thick layer of snow this mild winter we had. So I had to find a new solution. My brother suggested the billboard tarps. They are industrial strength with the capacity to last 5 times longer (maybe up to 7 or 8 years). But the best thing about them is they have cccccccraaaaazy advertising on one side since they were used as actual billboards and then reclaimed to be recycled for other purposes. Some people use them to cover bales of hay. Others for covering boats. We are using them to turn our spaces into art pieces. BTW, you don’t get to choose your advertising tarp so what you get is random and a complete surprise. I’d say this tarp had my name on it but it says “Boston Store” and has a huge face of a woman in a hand knit sweater that you can only see from an aerial view. I thought that was so cool since I used to have a career designing sweaters.

Coincidentally we also had a vintage Airstream trailer that began to leak after we gutted the interior to create an open space with plywood inside. We looked at all kinds of solutions and decided to try a tarp on it, too. It’s a quick, easy, cheap solution and in this economy that is cool with us. The Airstream billboard tarp says “Cuddleduds” on it. We like the bold graphics, the ease of cutting them to size, and also that these are repurposed and recycled products that are helping with environmental concerns.

The company that sold them  (at a cost of not much more than a regular tarp) says you’re supposed to use them with the solid side up. Don’t tell on me. 🙂

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Have you heard of Boffo? They are NYC based and have some serious design talent! A non profit org, a collaboration of artists and designers…well, I’ll let them explain it to you. Go to the Boffo website for more info. And tell ’em Feng Shui By Fishgirl sent you!

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Tembolat Gugkaev is out there. So out there that he has designed a bedside lamp that looks like a nuclear explosion. This is probably not a great feng shui idea but if you think of it as a mushroom instead of a mushroom cloud, maybe you can get around that tricky symbol of world annihilation.

To peruse this designer’s website is to be surprised at every click of the mouse. This banana peel candle holder is charming but if you visit his site you’ll also see some wild and sexy designs, too.

For example, his fun and humorous”Hemispheres Lamp” that is someone’s butt wearing a thong. Where is the correct feng shui placement for such a lamp? A bar or man-cave, perhaps. Or a lingerie shop. I wish he had named it “The Thong Remains the Same” ! 🙂

Feng Shui By Fishgirl would recommend a visit to this designer’s website for the opening page site design alone: you get there and it’s a blank white page…until you wave around your mouse. See what happens! It clues you in that Tembolat has a playful sense of creativity and is a mad genius at work. Any dentist’s office would be enhanced by his “Stooth” stool design (children will love it!).


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had the great good fortune to visit Washington, DC last week to get my art fix for the season! This Chinese Zodiac (Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads) installation by China’s preeminent dissident/artist Ai Wei Wei is breathtaking, don’t you think? BTW to discover what your Chinese zodiac sign is click here.

The piece below is a temporary exhibit from Ai Wei Wei and I didn’t get the name of it but it was a very powerful installation. When viewed from above one can see it is a map of China.There were a chair and a table imbedded into the support beams. You felt oppressed as you walked under the beam energy and I believe that was the artist’s intention.

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Photo of Marco Casagrande's "Sandworm" by Nikita Wu

The play of light and shadow in this environmental art piece is breathtaking. “Sandworm” was built on the shores of Belgium by artist Marco Casagrande (note how his name pretty much guaranteed that he’d become an architect / designer…I love when your name matches your calling). I highly recommend you view the complete slideshow of this amazing project. People are using the Sandworm to meditate, hold picnics in, and just escape from the mundane.

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Here at Feng Shui By Fishgirl we appreciate whimsy and art. Check out this artist Alice Pasquini who encapsulates both in her work!

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Don’t you just love trompe l’oeil facades? As if the great trickster painted these buildings… we are fooled by what we see. Or are we?


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THE END OF THE RAINBOW? Colorful Stairway

Stairway to Heaven? Not sure where these are located but I think these colorful rainbow pantone chip stairs are cool as hell. What do you think?

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I’m still in awe of all the wonders you can discover on the internet that you might not have access to otherwise. Take as an example the carved book art of Guy Laramee. Thanks to This is Colossal art & design blog (where you can see many more fantastic photos of Guy’s work, btw). The Buddah wall is my favorite and the landscape in a stack is awesome, too. Which ones do you like? I’d put these in my Wisdom & Knowledge area of the bagua for activating my feng shui. Why? Because they are books (an obvious symbol of Wisdom & Knowledge) and fine art (ditto) and these two relate to Buddah which is naturally placed in this sector. What’s also cool is that the artist repurposes old books that would otherwise be tossed out. Recycling the knowledge. I like it!


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