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Love discovering new places? Cafe Mimosa feels like it’s been in LA’s Topanga Canyon forever but every time I go there I discover something new both to eat and to look at. It’s a visual feast for the eyes.

Mimosa Cafe's bright interior is chi-ful.

The cafe has a distinctly French cottage flair due to it’s French-born proprietress, Claire (pictured here behind the counter).

Claire at Mimosa Cafe

Claire’s cream puffs come in both chocolate and vanilla and I recommend a sampling of both with some Chai tea or a mocha latte. But first, there are healthy sandwiches, salads, and snacks. Or browse the gifts, art, and aprons for sale (aprons are handmade by Claire’s mom in France).

Splatterware coffee pots.

Handmade aprons from France.

A wonderful place to sit with your laptop or flirt with strangers, Cafe Mimosa is located at 395 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd and you can call 310.455.4341 for more info. Go for a hike on one of Topanga’s lush hiking trails first to work up an appetite! Then afterward, check out the hippie chic mini mall across the way.

Cafe Mimosa

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CHERRY BLOSSOMS & JASMINE PEARLS: What’s brewing in your kitchen?


You don’t have to go to DC to enjoy cherry blossom season. Your own kitchen will do. This apron is only $9.95 at Mrs. Lin’s and she’s got a variety of lovely teapots as well. Here’s a photo of my favorite tea seller’s stall in the market in Guangzhou, China.

Jasmine pearl tea is my favorite morning libation and is one of the most expensive teas out there if you go to trendy tea parlors in the US. Instead, buy it online from LA’s Chinatown department store for a third of the price. Remember: saving money builds Wealth & Prosperity, and that’s always good feng shui.

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