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Photo from ApartmentTherapy.com

Are you rethinking your bedroom for a spring makeover? Take a look at this one recently shown at Apartment Therapy. Notice how the art work over the bed continues the line of the headboard upward (a good idea if you have a particularly high ceiling like this one). The side tables and the side lamps are matching—provides great balance and equality symbolizing a happy relationship—always a good feng shui idea in a master bedroom. The walls are pink…it’s a pretty look no matter what since everyone looks better in light that is bounced off of warm pink glow of walls like these, but, it’s particularly wonderful if your bedroom is located in the Love & Relationship sector of the bagua. The room does have a preponderance of wood element, however the lamps and white bedding = metal, the pink walls = fire, the glass windows= water, and the brown coverlet = earth —plus there is a lot of energy in the painting. Feng Shui By Fishgirl gives this room two thumbs up! Look at your own bedroom with feng shui eyes: do you have too much blank wall space? Are your ceilings extra high? Do you have mismatched bedside tables? Do you have any art in the room at all? Are your 5 feng shui elements represented?  You should be able to make small adjustments to bring the feng shui “up to code”.

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I’m a big advocate of improving the feng shui of your space using what you’ve already got and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to do it. I call that “frugal feng shui”. But you have to be willing to tackle the job with some elbow grease and ingenuity. This super cheap kitchen redo is an excellent case in point.


Click this link to jump to one of our favorite design sites, Apartment Therapy, to see the full story and find out how the transformation was done:

Before & After: Kitchen Reno on a Near Zero Budget | Apartment Therapy New York.


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Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

A great post at Apartment Therapy guaranteed to put a smile on your face: “Dogs in House Tours, the Best of 2010”.  Here at Feng Shui By Fishgirl I get asked questions about pets and feng shui quite a bit. Are pets good feng shui? Absolutely! A well-trained, healthy, happy pet can add so much good ch’i (energy) to your space and it’s been proven scientifically that animals can help us to heal faster and live longer. Can keeping pets pose feng shui problems? Yes, of course. If we neglect their hygiene–and our own–by allowing fur to accumulate, or ignoring the cat litter box that needs to be kept fresh that can cancel out all the good vibes a pet contributes to the homespace.

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Photo Credit: Les Indiennes

This is my favorite pic of the week that I pulled from Apartment Therapy who pulled it from Les Indiennes who made the lucious fabrics in India and guess who is going to India next February? See–there is always a method to my madness. But the reason I love this photo besides the yummy indigo color on open fields of fresh cream is this: there is an excellent balance of yin (feminine round shapes) and yang (masculine square angled shapes). That’s good feng shui. Notice the round pendant globe lamp. Even the square cushions have big round polka dots printed on them. I also want to point out the cloth backdrop going up the wall from the day bed. This is a perfect example of a soft headboard effect to use behind a bed. It can add balance to other tall furniture within a room. See what I mean?

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Photo from Apartment Therapy

I’m loving this brick wall bedroom that I found on Apartment Therapy. Not only is it eye candy, it’s really got good feng shui going on. How so? Note the arc of brick over the bed head. This acts as a continuation of the headboard feel and really adds a nice touch to anchor the bed in what otherwise might be too-high-to-be-cozy ceilings. It’s a stroke of luck that the brick wall just happened to have this arch in it (probably from a covered in arched window that is no longer there).

The matching equal sidetables with lamps gives feng shui balance (and improves Love & Relationship ch’i). The curve of the bench at foot of the bed echoes the arc over the bed, brings nice yin energy to the yang bricks and bed shape. The 5 elements are well represented here: earth(bricks), metal (bed), wood (tables and bench), water (crystal chandelier)…the only one missing is fire. But I’ll bet there’s a fireplace out of view somewhere in the room and that would solve it. If not, a red candle, pillow cushion, or a vase of fiery red roses would symbolize fire energy and also be a feng shui solution. It could be a problem to have a chandelier over the bed…but since it’s a crystal one, it feels like the energy would be diffused and that would counteract any feeling of having it pressing down on you while resting in bed.

I lived in a very old brick loft building with exposed brick walls for awhile in LA. The problem was the bricks crumbled and left brickdust around the edge of the walls. Even with the bricks painted white, it still didn’t stop the brickdust. For those with allergies, it could be a problem. Some type of sealant needs to be applied to raw bricks. But be careful to have good ventilation when you apply the sealant to avoid flashbacks…Thick As A Brick, anyone? Any ideas or comments are always appreciated.

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Got odors? You need to get rid of ’em to have good feng shui. If you’ve recently done some interior painting and the chemical smell is driving you crazy, don’t despair. Set up open bowls of coffee beans around the room and within a few days all of the paint smell will be absorbed into the beans. Be sure to discard the beans after this process.

Click here for more natural solutions to removing odors at Apartment Therapy. And if you have any of your own favorite solutions, please share your comments!

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2 urns

I was perusing a favorite site last night and saw a posting on “Ode to an Autumn Urn”. I was reminded that Feng Shui By Fishgirl also loves the idea of using urns for unexpected wimsy. On the farm in Maine, we have two heavy black iron antique urns filled with two vintage barn top wind catchers. The windcatchers are usually placed on a barn’s roof in a cupula where they catch wind and direct it downward into the barn for good air circulation. They spin quite rapidly here when the wind is gusty on our island and they emit a pleasant humming sound when they’re spinning. Great feng shui because of the equal balance to either side of our entry walkway, movement of chi (energy), the beautiful visual, and the pleasing sound.

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A pair of mismatched bedside tables that defy a feng shui principle.

A pair of mismatched bedside tables that defy a feng shui principle.

Trying to get your love groove on? If you’re having trouble with your mate or problems finding a date, the feng shui solution could lie in your choice of bedside tables. Traditionally, feng shui for activating the Love & Relationship sector includes the following ‘rules’ about bedside tables;

*Always have two bedside tables, not one.

*Always have matching bedside tables to represent a balanced, equal, loving relationship where one person(table!) doesn’t dominate or overwhelm the other.

Rules are made to be broken (and it’s so much more fun to break them, don’tcha think?). I found this photo on Apartment Therapy that illustrates my point. Here are two not-so-obviously mismatched tables that work beautifully. And, I think they represent a union of two individuals, separate but equal, finding common ground in love. What’s next to your bed?

UPDATE 3/17/2010: Here’s a photo from Apartment Therapy that I just love. The homeowner used etageres as nightstands. Good feng shui? Yes, these work because they are the same but also importantly they do not overpower the bed because artwork was hung properly to balance it out in the center.

Here’s another bedroom with beams and a beamed bed.


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2006 - 039

I was pretty excited to see the “That’s Not Wallpaper” post on Apartment Therapy that shows exactly the type of view that inspired my “Birches” painting series. I have always had a love of birches in the snow and it takes me back to my childhood in NH.

The technique I use requires a Zen approach that I think translates to the peaceful mood of the paintings themselves. I just love birches in the snow!

The diptych above is 12″ x 24″ each panel…because each panel has to be painted all at once in one sitting and you have to work quickly before the paint dries, I have to focus and I also have to limit the size of the panels. I did complete a 24″ x 48″ (each panel) painting commissioned by dream work author Connie Kaplan. I’ve been told these paintings can be a gateway into the dream weave if one gazes at them right before bedtime.By the way, the painting panels are just the white part…ignore the black background that was necessary to photograph the art work.

These panels work well in a modern interior hung low behind a couch or a bed. I’ve also created some very small versions that are 5″ x 7″ that work in diptychs or triptychs hung in small spaces.

Here’s another one from the series:
"The Path" Birches Series (c) Katy Allgeyer

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Extremely high ceiling (I'd put some art over the fireplace).

Extremely high ceiling (I'd put some art over the fireplace).





Too much chi (energy) can be overwhelming if it takes the form of an empty space with nothing to rest the eyes on. It’s a wonderful feeling to be out in the wide open spaces of nature, but not so comforting if you don’t have a snug cozy home to retreat to. We are originally cave dwellers, after all! Jump here to the comments section of Apartment Therapy to see what I advised someone to do about her too-high ceilings today. I’m too tired to repost my comments as my significant other is unexpectedly in the hospital the past couple of days.


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