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Giant mushrooms? Honeycomb? Parasol?

Cities can bring wonderful feng shui to their citizens by creating unique architectural wonders and supporting great architecture. The bonus is that these important structures become destination points for tourists and that brings wealth and prosperity for years to come. Many urban centers are dying. Mayors and city councils should wake up before they follow in the footsteps of Detroit. Check out the latest such city to take advantage of the architecture tourism phenomenon: The Arbor of Seville – Slide Show –

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RED POWER! Boosting Feng Shui With the Color Red

A beautiful design from Period Corsets.

Red is a powerful color. The symbol of passion. (That 1950’s corset from Period Corsets shown above would not have the same erotic power if it were made of blue satin.) Red stands out. Red is the color of fire. Red is HOT! It’s used as a warning, attracting our attention. Just think of the Red Carpet at the Oscars…would it hold the same power if it were yellow? Red attracts. We use feng shui to attract opportunity and strengthen power points within a space. In feng shui the best sectors for applying the color red are Wealth, Fame, and Love—the upper 3 sectors of the bagua.

Adding red accessories to these areas of your home will add instant feng shui punch. You can use the color red to accent a wall or select red furnishings carefully (one red chair for example). At work, red shows up in “power ties” on men and all red suits on women (remember Hillary Clinton’s campaign suits?) but there are other ways to use red for career. Red can secretly make us feel our own power (try wearing that red satin bustier completely concealed under your grey flannel suit next time you go to an important meeting!).

Do you have the color red in your home? Tell Feng Shui By Fishgirl how you harness the power of red in your life…

Here's a great example of a red accent chair providing feng shui PUNCH!

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It’s that time of year again: Treasure Mapping time! This is when you can make use of the powerful first new moon of the astrological year to set your feng shui intentions for your life. Tracy Abbott was my guest blogger and gave us detailed instructions on how to prepare for ==and make== a personal treasure map.  Start at this post from last April and continue to part 2 at end.

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Current trends in color, according to one of Feng Shui By Fishgirl‘s favorite blog sources is G R E E N. Here are some of my green pics but you can go to Apartment Therapy to see theirs. In feng shui terms, green belongs in the Wealth sector and it also is good in the Wisdom & Knowledge area. I like it in the Travel & Helpful People gua, too, because it is directly opposite the Wealth sector and strengthens/activates it. In America, money is green. People do get green with envy but green is also the color of living plants and that is always good feng shui. See Where To Use Green.

Green goes well with yellow...

Green "Onda" collection by Louis A. Lara for Dellarobbia.

Green handcrafted Tibetan Rug by Katy Allgeyer


"Green Chair" Photo by Alan Bogart

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One of the Valentine’s feng shui suggestions I have is to love yourself enough to focus on your finances this year. A favorite wealth guru of mine is The Millionaire Mommy Next Door blog written by Jen Smith. Read this fairytale:

The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Retirement Contributions.

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Photo by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

Gorgeous pictorial of a city in ruins, check out the art photography of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre at  their website. The photos are hauntingly beautiful as my friend and colleague Tracy’s AstroSalon said (be sure to read her post as to what this all means astrologically). They are of abandoned buildings in Detroit (there is another portfolio of abandoned theatres that is a work-in-progress as well). How do all these abandoned buildings—many abandoned not so long ago—affect the feng shui of the entire city of Detroit and of the entire USA? Detroit is pretty much the heart of America. The automobile industry represented the best of American ingenuity and gumption. It’s now in ruins. We need to clear out the clutter of abandoned buildings and start rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, planning our growth more wisely, investing in forward-thinking industries and creating jobs for the new millenium. What do you think should be done and how do you think we should do it?

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You don’t have to be born in the Year of the Rabbit to harness the energy of the Rabbit for your home this year. The peace-loving Rabbit is wise and cautious and very ambitious. Rabbits are known to have a good eye for art, design, and fashion. It’s well known that actor Brad Pitt has a strong interest in design, and  his partner Angelina Jolie is frequently on the best-dressed list. Both of these actors are born in Years of the Rabbit.

Bring an image of the Rabbit into your home to symbolize that you’re honoring the Rabbit this year. The Rabbit is used often in children’s goods. Anything from ceramic dishes and sippy cups to wallpaper and lamps. What you’re looking for is something sophisticated to reflect your grownup taste in addition to activating your children’s room.It can be a painting–or a print–with a Rabbit in it like this one from Isabelle Bryer Paintings that would be great in a young person’s room (especially if they were born in the Year of the Rabbit!). Isabelle’s painting of “St Alice” is a charming homage to Alice in Wonderland. Coincidentally, Johnny Depp played the Mad Hatter in the recent movie version of Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp’s Chinese zodiac sign is–you guessed it–Year of the Rabbit.

"Saint Alice" © Isabelle Bryer Paintings

Another wise choice would be to choose a Chinese calligraphy print of the symbol for the Rabbit—that way you don’t have to look at actual hares if you’re not partial to them. I found an inexpensive one on Here’s a picture of it below:

Calligraphy symbol for "Hare" at

I found a site with several Rabbit tureens at various price points that would make great Year of the Rabbit gifts for your loved ones or yourself. Keeping the tureen displayed in the center of your dining table would be a good way to attract peaceful Rabbit energy.

Rabbits are also found on vintage pottery like this one I recently discovered on eBay. It’s very sleek and modern in design with a highly stylized Rabbit. With a bouquet of fresh red flowers in it you could use it as a feng shui solution to attract the prosperity and frugality of the Rabbit to your Wealth Area. Not sure where your Wealth Area is? Check my Feng Shui By Fishgirl bagua map.  You could easily find a concrete or ceramic rabbit to put outside in your garden or the Wealth Area of your entire property as well.

Vintage rabbit Revere pottery on eBay

I did a little Googling and came up with this wonderful black Rabbit lamp on, a design resource I love to browse for ideas and the latest in contemporary looks.  Where to place such a lamp? If you’re looking to activate your Wisdom & Knowledge Area this year –perhaps you’re taking college courses, learning a new computer program, studying a new spiritual practice?–then you’d locate it in a room where you study. If you want a Rabbit to remind you of your good taste and love of beautiful decor, you could locate it within your living room in the center of your Tai Ch’i Area. The Tai Ch’i Area is also a great location for channeling Rabbit’s innate peacefulness—to put a rabbit symbol in your central core is to invite the harmony of Rabbit peace to enter your being. Turning on this lamp in your Wealth Area activates the ch’i that stimulates prosperity. Or put it in your Health Area to shed a light on good health. Check the bagua map page to discover what the 9 areas are and how to locate them within your overall home or within an individual room.

A great Rabbit lamp at

So you see, there are many Rabbit items out there and many ways to bring Rabbit energy into your home. Rabbits make good pets, too, but only if you have time to take care of them properly. If you’ve always thought you might like a Rabbit as a pet, this is a good year to do it! I do not recommend Rabbit fur in your home—death energy is the last thing you want to bring into your happy home.

Use your creativity and your intuition to decide where you most need Rabbit energy to help you this year. Another way to bring in the Rabbit energy is to have photos of people you know to be wealthy, successful people born in the Year of the Rabbit. (You could have a movie poster of Johnny Depp for instance in your dorm room this year!). Good luck and may the Year of the Rabbit bring you peace and prosperity in 2011.

Rabbit Johnny Depp playing the Mad Hatter


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House Stolen in Wave of Pen, but Fight for It Drags On –

Who knew something like this could happen? I didn’t. How does it apply to feng shui? Be present. Keep good records and pay your bills on time. Be vigilant of your personal security (home, computers, mailbox). Don’t let things slide. I’m not saying this is the artist’s fault that he lost his house. No. I’m saying if you practice feng shui, you’ll keep your home and your life uncluttered so to avoid messes like this one. And if and when the sh*t still hits the fan, you’ll be better prepared to sort things out.


House Stolen in Wave of Pen, but Fight for It Drags On –

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s a house on the market in Bel Air, California (a very ritzy part of LA) going for $17.5 Million. I love looking at real estate and when I got this listing from Rose + Chang I just had to check it out with my feng shui eyes. If I had a serious art collection this is the type of home I would seek out to show it to its best advantage. These types of spaces can often come across as sterile, cold, and institutional looking. But I think here the architect and designer (I’m assuming the furnishings were “staged”) have done a good job of creating a warm and inviting environment despite the large areas of the interiors. They have used wood very wisely and sparingly. The furnishings have a nice blend of curves to offset the masculine lines of the building itself. I particularly like the bathroom with the almost perfect use of the elements. Would you like living here or is it too big for you? Do you prefer traditional to minimal?


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THE POWER OF WORDS AND INTENTIONS: Your Treasure Map Can Be All Words If You Want

Here’s a picture of my Personal Feng Shui Treasure Map for 2010. I’m a painter and a writer as well as a feng shui consultant so for me it seemed natural to simply paint the words of my intentions in the correct colors to correspond to the bagua map. I didn’t need magazine visuals. I didn’t need a lot of time (I completed the project within one hour although I have been thinking about my intentions for days now).

My Personal Feng Shui Treasure Map (c) Katy Allgeyer

The words resonate powerfully for me and I like the way my manifestation board looks. I have it hanging in the Love & Relationship area of my home which corresponds to the Wisdom & Knowledge area of my studio. So, if you’re strapped for time today but you still want to take advantage of Tracy Cook’s astrological timing for creating your Personal Feng Shui Treasure Map, take inspiration from me—you don’t even need to paint them like I did. You can simply take the time to write them down on a large piece of paper using magic markers to activate the colors that correspond to the bagua.

Wealth= Red, Purple, Green or Gold metallic
Fame= Red/Orange
Love & Relationship= Red, Pink, White
Family & Health= Blues/Greens
Tai Chi Center= Golden yellows
Creativity & Children= grey and black and all the colors
Wisdom & Knowledge= greens blues
Career= black
Travel & helpful people= deep blues/greys/black

I sincerely hope that sharing my own Personal Feng Shui Treasure Map has helped you to realize that you CAN create your own map and there is no such thing as “perfect” or “should be done this way”. Use your own available time, energy, and ideas to create a vision of health, prosperity, and love for your life! Send me your pics of your maps if you’d like to share with our readers. Good luck!

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