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Fresh blossoms add beauty and grace to any space. Displaying them beautifully adds positive impact to your feng shui. These colorful glass vases add charm to home or office. Look for multiples to display floral arrangements in an artful way. You can even make your own by repurposing pretty wine bottles like those shown above. Or go for some gorgeous designer vases like these ‘bulb vases’ from Ed Branson.

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Beds placed in front of windows tend to be design and feng shui no-no’s. Except when they are as cleverly done and as thoughtfully balanced as this one is. The key is to incorporate proper window dressing as well. Check out about a dozen more excellent examples of how to solve this design dilemma with good feng shui at ElementsofStyleBlog.

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Recently I did a post about snakes on a bus. This post is more on design target: a vintage bus that has been lovingly restored (don’t you love the barnboard floors and the plywood walls?). Check the pictorial out at MaineHome+Design. Love, love, love this!


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Recently discovered a FUN! design blog called moggit (am I the last to know about this site?).  This design—just in time for your Halloween party if you order it now!— gives new meaning to the term “eyeballing a chair for my living room”. Check out more about this scary chair and other cool design fun at moggit.

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I give the Feng Shui By Fishgirl stamp of approval to the Toby’s Estate coffee shop in Brooklyn, NY. There is a good mix of elements, a nice balance between yin and yang shapes, I like the lighting hung in 3’s that add up to 9 in this photo (all auspicious feng shui numbers). The couch is comfy and makes you want to sit and stay awhile even though the ceiling height is so high. Painting the ceiling black brings it closer. Nicely done and see more pics at Dwell Magazine.

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How’s this for brilliant: an artist proposes to the city of New York that he move the iconic statue of Columbus into a high end apartment overlooking Central Park and install it on a coffee table. Invite in the public and the press and you’ve got yourself a helluva marketing coup for the artist Tatsu Nishi of Japan. Read about “Discovering Columbus” here at the NY Daily News. The apartment as art installation is genius. As feng shui home, not so much. We know scale is important to feng shui health and comfort. Most of us would not be happy in a home with ceilings six stories high and a giant stone figure staring down at us. The feeling you get here would be that the statue is always in the Command Position instead of you.  So be careful in your choice of art and accessories…but be daring in your dreaming of art projects that can propel you into the media spotlight!

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Can you guess what this stylish unit is? I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have known until I read the full article and saw the other offerings at ApartmentTherapy. . .if you think feng shui is for the birds, this is the proof!

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