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What’s wrong with this picture? The headboard of the bed is along the same wall as the entryway to the left. That means this bed is definitely NOT in The Command Position to see who comes into the room while you’re resting and vulnerable in bed. Why is that important? Subliminal message is that you won’t feel safe because you are at a disadvantage. The obvious cure is to find The Command Position and place your bed there. If it’s impossible due to the architecture of the space, the second best cure would be to have a mirror strategically placed on the opposite wall so you can see the entry way from the bed. Design-wise that might mean a mirrored closet door, a standing mirror, etc. Feng Shui By Fishgirl likes that the bedroom in the picture above (from balanced lighting and nice bedding. However it only has one side table (not a good balance for optimum feng shui), the sheer curtains and the satiny bedding seem to not be able to hold their own against the heavy leather furniture, there are no shades on the windows for light or privacy.


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I’m in love with sliding doors used for interior spaces. Not the typical glass patio doors…I mean the sliders that utilize interesting hardware as part of the design and feature doors that are works of art. Like these.

You can get creative with the “door” section…even a painting on a canvas can be mounted on gliders…or a sculptural piece of metal…or a carved wooden door…or etched glass…or a rice paper shoji screen…or a fancy contemporary veneer finish door…or a stretched textile like an antique rug…you’re limited only by your imagination and budget. I like the form and the function of sliders like these and I believe they are excellent feng shui.

Click on the photos to take you to the design source links for each one. Or better still, create your own slider and DIY.

Consider childrens’ rooms or kitchens that have chalk paint applied to the sliders so you can write on them (child’s play or grocery lists or inspiring messages!)


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This path could have been made straight but the slight curve makes for better feng shui.

Note the slightly curved path of flagstones.

Wider at the street or driveway side is best for your feng shui because it lets in opportunities with "arms wide in welcome".

Like a river, this walkway has twists and turns for good ch'i.

This driveway / sidewalk combo has an auspicious planting to break up the ch'i and also a circular rondele brick pattern inlaid into the driveway--with curves and beautiful landscaping. Excellent feng shui!

Pathways have great significance in feng shui practice. If you’re looking to move to a new home, keep your eyes open for the sidewalk paths and driveways. It is most auspicious to have a sidewalk or path leading to your home in an indirect meander rather than a straight shot to your Mouth of Ch’i (front entryway). This symbolizes the positive ch’i energy tarrying longer on your property instead of whooshing right through like an arrow. It’s also auspicious to have your pathway widen at the bottom towards the street. If your pathway is narrower at it’s entrance and then widens up near your house it might look somewhat like the picture below. That’s a feng shui negative but of course Feng Shui By Fishgirl can almost always find a feng shui cure to solve this and other feng shui problems. Call or email for a consultation today!

This spatula shaped walkway is wider at the home side than it is at the entry to the property--a feng shui no-no.

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The Cullens' Mouth of Chi (no blood here!)

There’s a lot of buzz about the Twilight series of books and films. In the design world, the house that Edward Cullen’s family of vampires lives in is getting much attention, too. The spectacular $3M home of glass set in the woods of West Vancouver is owned by Brian Hemingway. Built in the early 1950’s by architect Arthur Charles Erickson and later renovated to perfection by Hemingway, the house is a scene-stealer in the New Moon movie.

Let’s look at the feng shui in these pics. I’m told that the home is reached by a long meandering driveway. Right off the bat (no pun intended, I swear) this is good feng shui. You don’t want any “poison arrows” that bring the chi energy in a straight shot to your home if you can avoid it. The Mouth of Chi (front entry door) has several positive features: well lit, strong beautiful wooden doors and handles, and a tree to the right. What I don’t like is the beam jutting out towards you as you walk down the path to the door. It could be softened if you hung a gorgeous plant or some kind of flag/banner or just remove the darn thing.

The interior has a good mix of elements (wood, fire, metal, earth, water) but seems a little top-heavy in the “water” element. Besides the pool, the abundance of glass windows also represents water. The white walls represent metal. Of course there is a lot of wood in the house but the views also bring the forest and earth inside.

The fireplace especially pleases me because it has curves which offset the sharp, angular, masculine (yang) qualities of this house.

One photo that shows an angled windowed corner jutting into the room is what we call in feng shui terms “a knife edge”. If you sit or sleep directly in the pathway of this energy you will not feel very comfortable. The feng shui cure would be to place a potted tree there with big round leaves so the sharp corner is covered up and the chi energy diffused.

The Cullens might also be practicing feng shui since they have set the intention to not eat people. Setting intentions is an excellent way to boost feng shui!


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Welcome mats should be plain, have a beautiful design or image on them, or actually say “welcome”. There are a lot of designs on the market that use sarcasm or humor but when you stop to think about a doormat that says “Go Away” (like the one above) you may begin to understand why it’s not beneficial to your feng shui. The entryway to your space represents where opportunity knocks. Make sure you’re not telling opportunity to get lost, go away, or any other negative message if you’re trying to attract good fortune.

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This is a particularly beautiful “Mouth of Qi”–entry door–with beautiful decoration all around it designed to attract Qi (“chi” energy) to the occupants of the house it belonged to once upon a time (it’s now in a museum). Entry doors are important to the feng shui of any space because that is where opportunity knocks first. Location of the entry, size and color of the door itself, materials it is made of are all factors to be considered when analyzing feng shui.


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JINGLE BELLS (Feng Shui Sound Cures)

It’s the holiday season and many of us will be spending a lot of time shopping. Most retail shops have sound alert systems in place to let the shopkeeper know of any customers entering the store. This way they can guard the cash register and merchandise, and be of service to the client so that a sales opportunity won’t be missed. All of that seems like just good common sense, right? It may surprise you to know that having jingling bells or some other form of noise at the entry to your space is also good feng shui.
Picture 73

Awareness of who is entering our immediate work/living zone improves our feng shui., Whether you work in a cubicle with your back to the door or are a mechanic under a car, being surprised by your boss sneaking up on you could ruin your mo-jo! We feel uneasy and subconsciously very vulnerable if we do not have control of our space. The optimum feng shui solution is to have a clear view of the entryway from our “Command Position”. However, that isn’t always possible and often the only way the furniture works is to be placed with our backs to the door. If this is the case, the next best thing is to place a mirror so that we can see who is behind us.

The other next best thing is to have some sound device attached to the door so that we hear it when it opens. For instance, you might want to hang some bells from the door. Or you might put a windchime in the doorway that encourages people to touch it and make it sing when they enter your space. Where there is no door, a bead curtain might be appropriate; the beads make a pleasant jingling sound and also soften the chi energy.

People love the tinkling sound of bells. Apparently, so does good chi. And as we all know from watching the classic Christmas movie “Its a Wonderful Life”, every time a bell rings and angel gets his wings. Here’s wishing you and your family a chi-ful holiday season!

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We’re on our way over to see the sustainable “Float Rope” doormats over at Nervous Nellie’s. That’s Anne & Peter’s dog Scout seen next to a pile of the colorful recycled float rope mats. Scout and mats We think these are way cool, do their job well, and are one small step (pardon the pun) you can take to help save the planet. Is that good feng shui? You bet! What’s in front of your door? Send me pics, please.

Photos courtesy of Nervous Nellie's.

Photos courtesy of Nervous Nellie's.

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Location, Location, Location

In Black Hat Sect Feng Shui tradition, the Mouth of Ch’i determines the placement of the bagua locations. There are three possibilities for location of the front door:

Knowledge & Self Cultivation Position which is located to the left hand side of the front of your building. (Also known as the “Ken” position, but, then some of you wiseguys might complain that there is no “Barbie” position so I will stick to the English names!) 

Career Position  which is located within the central area of the front of your structure.

Travel & Helpful People Position which is the area occupying the right hand side of your building. 

There are particular colors natural to each position which enhance the energy associated with each area. There are also specific implications for business owners. Each area relates to a very different philosophy of conducting business. For instance, should one put one’s time and energy into developing direct relationships with the local chamber of commerce or would a TV advertisement be more effective? With Feng Shui, the location of your Mouth of Ch’i would give you the answer and help you to avoid wasting time and money.

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