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Photo of paints by merr merr

Feng Shui By Fishgirl just found out about Squam Art Workshops on Squam Lake in New Hampshire. Why didn’t they have camps like this when I was growing up in NH? Oh well, they do now and that’s all that counts! “Creativity as a way of life” is Squam’s motto. According to their website, “Each day has a variety of classes to choose from such as: painting, mixed media, drawing, writing, photography, cooking, food styling, yoga, knitting, embroidery, sewing, sculpture, jewelry making, journaling, and screenprinting. There are always optional evening events and each retreat has its own unique extras. For instance, both the Spring and Fall sessions have a marvelous Art Fair on the last night, squam by the sea has bonfires on the beach and SquamItalia! will have excursions to olive groves, open-air markets and wild dinner parties under the stars.”

Photo by Emily Proudfoot

Almost sounds like Etsy on steroids (which to some of us is a good thing)! And all of the classes take place on one of NH’s most pristine lakes, only about 40 minutes drive from where I was born. Some of the classes are already filling up and there is an “early bird special” for those that register before January 31st. You’ll not only be taking art classes and enjoying nature, you’ll also be supporting 1% for the planet. Where do I sign up? Click here for Spring 2012 registration.

Photo by Christine Chitnis


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Have any of you been watching  the TV series “Downton Abbey” on Masterpiece Theatre? I discovered it this week on my Kindle Fire and quickly became hooked on the clever writing, marvelous costumes, brilliant acting by Maggie Smith and others, but mostly on the biggest star of the series: the mansion. This gigantic home was designed by the same architect that built the British Parliament building. Known as “Highclere Castle“, this classy steals the show (a difficult feat when the intriguing upstairs/downstairs plotline has so much going for it…See “5 Reasons to Watch Downton Abbey” at Jane Austen World Blog ).

The fact that an inanimate object–namely your shelter–can have such a presence and become an actual character in your life’s story is illustrated on a grand scale in Downtown Abbey. Let’s face it, not many of us have the kind of estate or wealth that the family in this PBS drama have. But the idea of home as an extension of the individual applies to all of our own homes, too. That’s basically the essence of feng shui. What we surround ourselves with–favorite art, comfortable furnishings, color or not, piles of clutter or clean minimalism–says a lot about us and influences our daily outcome. How you say? Well, if you can’t get out from under the clutter it will no doubt put you in a less than upbeat mood—not a great foundation for making decisions, grabbing any opportunities that might be presented to you on that day, or even giving you the motivation to get out of bed. If on the other hand you live in an environment that supports you among objects you LOVE and surroundings that inspire and make you happy, that is good feng shui.

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January 2012 my Feng Shui By Fishgirl theme is Creativity & Future Projects which is an area of the feng shui bagua.We find creative inspiration sometimes in obvious places and other times in the least likely spots. What does this fully tatooed Japanese beauty have in common with a made-in-the-USA designer table? Go see additional pics and find out the full story from red egg designer Carol Gregg at this link:

Using technology as a design muse by Carol Gregg | NYIGF 100 Days of Design Blog.

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Read and see video about the Glamour photo shoot of “plus size” model Lizzie Miller which is creating a lot of buzz lately. In my post Bellies, Butts, & Beauty  last year I touched on this issue as it applies to both women AND men. Whatever your size, having self esteem and confidence is what makes you attractive to others.


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I’m a fine artist as well as a feng shui healer. Many of my friends are also self employed artists or creative types. The news media is constantly talking about employment but rarely discusses self employed artists who have trouble making a living from just their art in the best of times, let alone the worst of times. Feng Shui By Fishgirl would like to know how you are faring. Please take my poll, share your stories for survival here, commiserate with other artists, give us some inspiration…thanks!

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Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty" exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC.

It’s a rare day that a museum exhibit grabs you and haunts you after you’ve seen it. “Savage Beauty” the selected collections of the late couturier Alexander McQueen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is all that and more. Elevating fashion to fine art requires not just the genius of the designer who created it but the genius of the curator who put this show together. Breathtakingly beautiful and over-the-top, this exhibition is a must-see for any fashionista but also for any art lover.

From the "VOSS" collection by Alexander McQueen.

Long before there was Lady Gaga, there was Alexander McQueen. McQueen was 40 when he killed himself last year depriving us of many more decades of decadent talent. The designer was inspired by everything from the movie “The Omen” to nature’s organic materials (feathers, shells, animals) to Japanese kabuki theatre. The videos taken from the actual fashion shows where the collections were first presented are works of art in themselves and displayed smartly throughout the exhibition. Find out more about the show at the website created just for this event. This is a landmark show that is already influencing window dressing all over NYC. The show ends July 31–get yourself to NYC to see it!

Alexander McQueen windows at Bergdorf Goodman inspired by the museum show.

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Birds & blossoms at Dwell Studio.

You can give your sofa or bed an inexpensive Feng Shui By Fishgirl facelift by switching out your pillows to add new pattern, texture, and color. Here are some new ones I found online. The ones above and below are from Dwell Studio and are $58 each.

Cool faux ikat design from Dwell Studio.

Readers: give these pillows your own personality by adding tassels to the corners or ball fringe all around.

Hamsa pillow from the StDesign shop at Etsey

The Hamsa pillow design from StDesign Etsy Shopis $45, comes in other colors and apparently the motif is “to ward off the evil eye”.

PlumCushion Etsy Shop's Koi pillow

Another Etsy shop– PlumCushion–has a vast array of pillow designs. I particularly love the feng shui symbolism of koi fish on the pillow above ($75) and bamboo leaves on the one below which is from Bellacor and is on sale for $63.95 right now.

Bellacor's "Bamboo" in fuschia and coral.

The Pillow Superstore packages pillows in groupings for you if you don’t have time to hand pick and coordinate your looks. I like their Amari pillow pictured here, that is $99 for the three cushions.

Amari and ruby pillow set from the Pillow Superstore

Neutral but not boring, this Amy Bucharest embroidery pillow is a steal on steel grey at Amazon. It’s marked down to $17.50!

Amy Bucharest embroidery at Amazon.

This Totem pillow from West Elm is a striking bold pattern that would waken up the chi in any room for $29.

Totem pillow from West Elm

Google throw pillows, cushions, decorative pillows and find thousands more. Or, make your own. But do consider pillows as a fun way to stir up the feng shui in your space!


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