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Call me Pocahontas but this is an idea that Feng Shui By Fishgirl loves! Imagine it tucked in the woods where The Last of the Mohicans is on his way back to you…or maybe it’s in your backyard and your little wild ones are playing in it happily for hours (instead of watching TV they’re in their teepee). Adding this to my To Do List today!


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MLK ART SALES TO BENEFIT UNCF Campaign for Emergency Student Aid

AMERICAN DREAM (Atlanta) © Katy Allgeyer

I’m a big dreamer and belong to a couple of wonderful dream circles. Martin Luther King appeared to me in several dreams over the years. In one of my dreams, I actually heard Dr. King reciting his famous “I have a dream” speech. I’m not sure if it was a flashback memory for me…I was 8 years old when he made that speech. In any case, I felt compelled to honor that vision with one of my super large paintings (48″ x 60″) in my Location Series. Above is the result: mixed media acrylic paint, oil sticks, road maps of Atlanta, ink on canvas, paper artist’s palette. The original painting is a central focus in my dining room right now and is available for sale ($4,500). 25% of sales of this painting will be donated by Feng Shui By Fishgirl to the United Negro College Fund Campaign For Emergency Student Aid. In addition, I offer half-size giclée reproduction prints ($630) on stretched canvas (24″ x 30″) that I varnish by hand–the closest thing to an original painting and I’m betting many of your friends won’t be able to tell the difference ;-D.  Prices include shipping. Contact to purchase.

BY POPULAR DEMAND: For those who want to help the cause: Signed 8.5″ x 11″ giclées on unstretched (flat) canvas are available for $50 each (includes shipping) and 25% will also be donated.


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FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS TO HAPPINESS IN 2012–a step-by-step guide by Robert Moss

Some of my art work was chosen by dream guru Robert Moss to illustrate this article he wrote about following your bliss. In this post, Robert gives us a step-by-step (easy and short!) exercise to discern what makes you happy and how to set those plans in motion to follow your heart in 2012. Click the link below to jump to the Dreamgates Blog on Beliefnet.

Do what you love, and let the world support you – Dream Gates.

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My friend Maureen posted this on her facebook page and it instantly piqued my interest. This sustainable “hobbit house” was built in only 4 months by a novice builder at a cost of only $4,700 USD (not including the land). Read the full article and see a lot more of the interior, floorplan, etc at the link here:

Man Builds Fairy Tale Home for His Family – For Only £3,000 | Gaia Health.

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A great use of art for auspicious feng shui!

Take a look at the artwork of Jessika Cardinahl. Jessika paints gorgeous large canvases of animals.

The bedroom above is from her facebook page and the wolves painting is hers, too. I love how the art takes up nearly the entire wall over the bed, bringing balance to the room and raising the ch’i. (A pet peeve I have is when there is no headboard and/or no art or textiles on the wall over the bed…) When I found this pic on facebook, the artist had written below it “I feel so protected”. Some people would find wolves scary but Jessika obviously understands shamanic Animal Wisdom and identifies with this powerful totem. In Native American lore, Wolf is symbolic of a Teacher or a Pathfinder.  Placing your animal totem over your bed can protect you during dream time, too.

Note that the two bedside tables are mismatched (a feng shui no-no) but that the two matching bedside lamps more than make up for it. And if you’ve got a space like this one where you might not be able to fit two matching tables, paying attention to the lamps and the artwork is a viable solution.

See more of Jessika’s artwork at her website. Her zebra painting below is spectacular, isn’t it?

I love this image! I recently saw a bison at a zoo rolling around the grass like this zebra

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LETTING GO OF LOST LOVE: The John Kennedy & Christina Haag Story

Christina Haag has written a memoir (see my review here) about her 5 year romance with John F.Kennedy, Jr. and ‘Come to the Edge‘ is currently on the NY Times Bestseller list. My path crossed with Christina’s a handful of times in Los Angeles in the early 90’s when we attended the same yoga classes in Larchmont and occasionally our circles of friends overlapped. I realize now that I met Christina quite soon after her breakup with John; her natural warmth was concealed under an actress’s fragile veneer of aloofness, self-protection in the aftermath of the media frenzy that accompanies celebrity breakups. ‘Come to the Edge’ is a tender love story told with sentimentality and innocence. The pain is gone and the memories are happy ones. The author writes that she did fall in love again (more than once) since John. But she never married. And the book is mostly about her time with him. She still dreams about him. It would seem that this relationship is still very much on her mind but perhaps the book provides a catharsis that will bring some closure for her two decades later.

If you’re one of my clients or a longtime reader of Feng Shui By Fishgirl, you already know that the path to finding new love requires a clearing out and letting go of past love so you can move on. It takes as long as it takes. Sometimes we are paralyzed by the thought of falling in love because we might get our hearts broken again. Is it worth it? For many the answer is no. Or a half-hearted yes. Taking the plunge takes courage. Courage to let go of the past. Courage to honor your story at the same time you move on. Writing in a journal can bepart of the recipe for healing a broken heart. Exploring your dreams in a dream circle with others or studying with Connie Kaplan or Robert Moss can be of great benefit. Reading the stories of others can also help–‘Come to the Edge’ is a book that many women will relate to (even if we’re not involved with a celebrity). It’s a fun, quick read for a rainy afternoon.

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FENG SHUI CUBE…Thinking Outside the Box While Sleeping Inside It!

Pictures from Apartment Therapy via the New York Times

Do you live in a high ceilinged space such as a loft? It can be difficult to sleep in such a space. Here is one solution by a feng shui teacher in Berkeley named Liu Ming. He had a feng shui cube designed to create a movable intimate space that brings “cozy” to the overwhelming loft space. Read more and see photos with plans for the design at the New York Times link below.

A Feng Shui Cube Brings Intimacy to a Loft –

Another way to deal with the high ceiling problem is to use a canopy bed so it forms it’s own cube around you as you sleep. Or build in a sleeping closet a la Rembrandt’s. Feng Shui By Fishgirlhas done both of these solutions and they work great. One day maybe I’ll have a feng shui cube, too!


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CLEARING RESIDUAL ENERGY: How to stop dreaming dead men’s dreams I – Dream Gates



Here is a story from Robert Moss’s dream circle that illustrates how objects (in this case, dog tags and medals from dead Vietnam soldiers) can retain energy—positive or negative—    How to stop dreaming dead men’s dreams I – Dream Gates. Residual energy that doesn’t belong to you or your household can cause nightmares (as they did for Cara in the story) and other feng shui problems within your home. If you’re at all sensitive to energy it can often be confusing to know what feelings belong to you and what you’re picking up from the ethers.

Along with your spring cleaning, it’s a good idea to clear your space of this lingering ch’i energy at least once a week. And if you bring a new object into your home–preowned or antique–smudge it thoroughly to reset the ch’i.

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It’s that time of year again: Treasure Mapping time! This is when you can make use of the powerful first new moon of the astrological year to set your feng shui intentions for your life. Tracy Abbott was my guest blogger and gave us detailed instructions on how to prepare for ==and make== a personal treasure map.  Start at this post from last April and continue to part 2 at end.

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Photo from New York Times Magazine

Did you see this photospread in the New York Times Sunday Magazine yesterday? Click here: Europe’s Starter Castles – Slide Show – There are castles all over Europe for sale at drastically reduced prices. Seems even Prince Charming lost money in the stock market and needs to unload his country home. You can buy the one above for 30% off what they wanted for it last year. Feng Shui concerns might be removing residual energy from ghosts, getting the place warmed up enough to feel comfy, and furnishing such a large place with enough stuff so it doesn’t feel empty.


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