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This website was built with feng shui in mind.

Incorporating feng shui into a web site activates and energizes it in a very subtle way. It’s something the designacologist does naturally when designing websites, business cards, brochures, and paintings. TaylorWrite is a new global marketing firm owned by Kate Taylor. Kate spent 10 years living in Shanghai and Hong Kong and another 10 years traveling throughout Asia. Kate knows about the power of feng shui symbolism and asked me to work with her on creating her new site with feng shui in mind. The entry page is my favorite: can you guess why? It’s not a simple photo collage. It’s a photo collage arranged in a circular bagua formation. Note Kate’s pic is in the upper central position (Fame & Reputation). Go to the site and see if you can discover the numerous feng shui principles we used in the final edit of the design. The ste has also been translated into Chinese.

Note where the "Heartlink" red logo with heart is located.


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Myrtle the Turtle


My bf fell in love with another female this summer. Her name is Myrtle. She was walking (well, more like crawling but I hate to be catty) across the busy road and he just felt he had to rescue her. Myrtle is a wild Eastern Painted Turtle. Turtles have been in the news a lot lately. The BP oil spill this summer continues to have a disastrous effect on sea turtles (click here for story…note: pics of distressed turtles are not for the faint of heart).

Turtles are auspicious symbols of wealth and longevity. They are the guardians of the North direction (signified by the number one, hence a single turtle whether you are keeping a live one or a sculpture of one in your home is better for feng shui luck). The North direction governs Career. That’s why having a solo tortoise picture or sculpture in your office (facing towards you, not out the door) is a good idea. If you’re starting a new business or project, choose a sculpture that shows a baby turtle instead of a fully grown one to give you that “birth of a new idea!” energy, leaving room for unlimited expansion of your feng shui.

Dreaming of turtles can be interpreted as lucky as well. If you are about to start a new job, for example, and have a happy dream about a turtle, you can pretty much relax as you’ve been given a message that this career direction is a very good one for you. The online dream circle I belong to is serendipitously called “Turtle Dreamers“, named after Native American traditions (Earth is the turtle’s back).

We released Myrtle back into the wild at the end of the summer. We hope her feng shui was enhanced as much by knowing us as ours was by knowing her.



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We live in an Information Age where speed is everything. We rely on technology to get things done faster so we can take on a larger workload. Multi-tasking is the only way we can get done everything on our “to-do” lists. The more we do, the more there seems to be done.

Companies are requiring longer hours from American workers. It’s been documented by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization that American workers are putting in more hours than anyone else in the industrialized world. The ILO study found that while American workers are putting in roughly 100 to 500 more hours annually than any of our counterparts around the globe, our efficiency levels were not keeping pace with these longer hours. In short: just because we’re busier than ever doesn’t mean we’re doing a better job. And with so many unemployed, the pressure to work overtime is enormous.

More American workers are also opting out of taking their paid vacation leave. The reasons for this are fear of not being to keep up with the increasing workloads, more stress traveling nowadays (gas prices as well as airport security hassles), and, fear of losing a job while away for more than a few days at a time. More than any other nation’s labor force, we also tend to believe our self worth and identity is firmly entwined with what we do for a living and how hard we work at it.

It’s no wonder that more American professionals are facing worker burn out. Turnover rates in some industries, like health care, are higher than they’ve ever been. For the first time in a couple of decades, young people entering the work force are stating in polls that they are more interested in a job that fulfills them than a job that pays the most money. Quality of life is attracting—and keeping—more employees at progressive companies that offer flexible lifestyle benefits in addition to the standard health and retirement packages.

Whether you’re already in a job and actively searching for a better one, or, you’re fresh out of school looking for your first gig, chances are the process of searching for a job is adding some stress to your life and shortening your “me” time. Let’s face it, in today’s competitive world, looking for a job is a full time job in and of itself.

Pacing yourself will keep you from burning out while you’re looking for –and after you’ve landed—that new job. Set realistic goals for your day and remember to fit in some personal relaxation time. Many great ideas come to us while we’re doing things unrelated to work. For example, Einstein was famous for taking naps and the solution to his Theory of Relativity came to him while he was dreaming. We may not all be geniuses, but, we just might discover the solution to our own career problems while we are focused on taking a hike instead. Slowing down and making yourself a priority is not being lazy: it’s a step towards being a successful, grounded, and productive professional. Learning how to set healthy boundaries is key.


1) Put yourself at the top of your own to-do list. If you are constantly expending
energy and not adding any fuel to your tank, sooner or later you’ll run out of
gas. You’ll have nothing to give to your significant other or your children and
you’ll certainly have nothing to give to your career. Taking care of YOU is your
top priority!

2) Saying “no” to others is saying “yes” to yourself. What does saying no
mean? Don’t always be available to take on the tough assignments or work overtime on the holidays. Don’t automatically reach for the doughnuts just because someone brought them in to work and you don’t want to hurt their feelings. Don’t come into work when you have a contagious cold that others will catch. Caring for yourself, you will have more to give to others.

3) Protect your ch’i (energy). Don’t take on other people’s negativity. People tend to dump their problems and vent their worries on others who allow them to do it. We end up feeling drained while they walk away feeling lighter for unburdening their load on us. Spreading harmful gossip is another energy zapper. Focus on work and taking care of yourself and avoid all energy vampires.

4) Turn on your answering machine. There, I said it. I give you permission to not answer your phone. Whether at work or at home, you have the power to slow down your responses. You might want to let people know–or not–that during the hours of this and that you are not available. Think of how much easier to get your work done if you have a solid chunk of uninterrupted time? You’ll sleep better at home if you stop accepting phone calls from friends or colleagues at least two hours before your bedtime.

4) Leave work at work. It’s a good idea to decompress from the stress at work
before you begin interacting with your family and friends. Develop some little routine that becomes your own individual “ritual” to help you make the transition from work life to personal life. Your ritual will be your own. The most important thing is to allow yourself at least 20 to 30 minutes at the end of work to let go of the corporate dramas and get your mind back in touch with your life and what’s important to you. After all, you’re not only a professional. You’re a member of a family,and, you have other interests besides what you do for a living. Don’t you?


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Here’s the Press Release that the Blue Hill Coop Cafe sent out on my “Imagine Peace Tibetan Prayer Flags” installation for the month of July 2010. It all started when I received a tweet from @yokoono that said “Hi Katy. Imagine Peace. Love, Yoko”…
Katy Allgeyer’s colorful mixed media locale paintings and peace flags
are on display at the Blue Hill Co-op Café during the month of July.

“Imagine Peace” Tibetan Prayer Flag Installation:
Allgeyer states that, “This work incorporates my Tibetan Buddhist
philosophy, my feng shui practice, and my art. I have two nephews
serving in the military (one is on his third tour of Iraq right now),
and they are very much on my mind this July 4th. Buddhist temples are
adorned with strings of prayer flags that are left hanging until they
disintegrate, illustrating the transient nature of thought.”

According to the Stonington artist, this installation was created out
of paper and twine to represent the fragile nature of peace. The
images used on the flags are hearts from a previous installation
(“WALL of LOVE: The Art of Feng Shui”) that was exhibited in Los
Angeles and was part of the Kunstkreuz 2003 “Love & Peace” Art
Festival in Berlin, Germany; peace flags and detail peace symbols
taken from her 2010 Independence Tray painting; and the repeated word
“imagine” given to her as a direct tweet via Twitter via Yoko Ono,
John Lennon’s widow. “Let’s give peace a chance,” suggests Allgeyer.

The artist frequently works in mixed media techniques incorporating
road maps, topo maps, and nautical charts into her painted canvases.
The paintings on display at the Co-op Cafe are of favorite locations
in the Blue Hill area, including the farmer’s market and the old
Wescott Forge (which is now Table). All work is for sale.

Please contact the artist directly to purchase art or see more of her work: or 207-367-6369 or

Katy welcomes studio visits at 21 Weed Field Road in Stonington. Open
daily, but flexible hours so call ahead.

Katy Allgeyer’s artwork is on exhibit at the Café until the end of
July. For more information about Art in the Cafe, contact coordinator
Mary Barnes at 359-5053. The Co-op is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

I’ll have to go back to take a better photo before the show comes down…but meanwhile, I am hoping the prayer flag installation will inspire others to Imagine Peace. And, raise the ch’i for good feng shui around the world. Starting one person—-and one cafe—-at a time.


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EEEeeeeeeK! You may have heard my cry today but it was not due to a mouse (we’ve had those, too, since returning to the Maine cottage mind you). No, today it was my printer that scared me. My art business depends on it working properly. Even though I have it plugged into a surge protector the printer “went dead” and would not reboot this morning. I discovered we had had a power failure during the night and the backup generator did not go on because we didn’t have it set up to do so yet. I did a Google search and tried everything suggested:
* Unplug and plug again.
*Reboot computer.
*Deinstall software and reinstall it.
Nothing worked! Finally I found some info online that said to simply try this:
Unplug the printer and LEAVE IT UNPLUGGED FOR AT LEAST 5 MINUTES before plugging it back in and trying to turn it on. Guess what? It worked! I would have tried a feng shui incantation and some smudging and set the intentions for the printer to work again but I’ll save that for a last resort.

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SPACE INVADERS~ How Cacti & Dragons Can Help You At Work

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They used to call it the secretarial pool (and on Mad Men they still do): that wide open space with waves of desks one right after another. If you work in this open office type of environment no one needs to tell you about the lack of privacy, the constant noise level, and the myriad of distractions to keep you from your work. Some people thrive off of this communal atmosphere (cops, newspaper reporters, and stock market traders to name a few). Others flail around in the pool, getting nowhere fast. Could this be you?

How can we use feng shui to cope with and to improve a situation where what little space we have is being invaded constantly? Is there a way to put up an invisible boundary that can help us concentrate and get the job done under adverse conditions such as the ones I’ve described? The answer is: yes.

Make room on your desk for a potted plant. Believe it or not, choosing a plant with spiky pointed leaves will do the trick. A prickly cactus plant is even better (and requires less attention on your part). Locate them to the center of your desk or to the center sides where people adjoin your desk. Be careful to avoid placing it in the upper left or upper right hand corners of your desk. The reason? Your goal is simply to put up a barrier to negative influences. You don’t want to stop the flow of opportunity in your wealth area or to create prickly communications with colleagues in your love & relationship area.

Another useful feng shui solution is to harness the power of the mighty dragon to protect your territory. Buy yourself a carved statue of a dragon (easily found in your local Chinatown or online; do a search for “feng shui import” companies) and locate it in the wealth area of your desk (upper left hand side). It doesn’t need to be large or expensive. Dragon symbols are powerful wealth activators. But they also serve to scare away negative energy and put up a protective shield around their domain. Which just happens to be YOUR desk!

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GOT FENG SHUI? 5 Tips For the Office

In big cities around the world, some of the most powerful people have harnessed the power of feng shui. From Hong Kong to Sydney to London, NYC and LA if you know what to look for you’ll recognize feng shui symbols of power in many a corporate tower.( Here’s one office that could REALLY benefit, LOL!) Feng shui is a very complex art but you can start employing basic feng shui practices at work now and see what happens. Warning: you could end up loving your job, or, finding one that you do!

Locate the optimum Power Position for your desk. The best place is the “Wealth” trigram. Find this area by standing in the doorway to your office, facing inside. The upper left hand section with your desk facing your door so your back is not turned is the optimum power position. Best to have a solid wall behind you instead of a window, too.

Keep your environment clutter free. That means clearing out anything unnecessary/broken and keeping all your files and tools of your trade organized. In other words, this is a good time to demonstrate that you’re a neat freak.

In feng shui terms, you can’t beat red and purple for activating your Wealth area. How to use them at work:
*Wear a touch of power red (necktie, scarf, blouse, or underwear).
*Choose the red chair to sit at in meetings if there is one.
*Organize your files using purple folders.
*Keep your tools in a red or purple container.

using appropriate wall art that symbolizes success or inspiration, you lift the energy level in your work environment. If you’ve got a degree of higher learning, frame it in a manner befitting the expense you paid for the college tuition instead of a cheap 5 & 10 frame. Awards, honors, certificates of distinction? Display them proudly to build confidence in yourself and from your employers or customers. The Fame & Reputation area is the optimum location to do so.

Keep your ch’i (energy) clean. You need to “wash away” the emotional residue of a bad day at work. You can do this by literally washing your hands or taking a shower while at the same time visualizing that you are releasing the toxic situations you experienced down the drain. Take a few moments to breathe deeply and release all the stress before you interact with loved ones.

Consciously making an effort to improve your work space, you’re taking the most important feng shui step of all: setting your intentions for excellence.

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I am one of the lucky artists in this world. By that I mean I have a wonderful studio to work in. Actually, I have two. I am extremely fortunate and grateful for all that is available to me. Today I want to share with you my winter studio in North Carolina as seen through feng shui eyes. You can click here to see my summer studio in Maine.

Here is the floorplan layout showing you where all my studio furnishings are:

Katy's winter art studio.

This next pic shows you how the bagua is laid out on my floorplan. I know it is a messy drawing (usually I use a transparent paper overlay but that would not have shown up here) but I hope it will give you a clear understanding of how to use the bagua on your own studio.

Baqua layout of Katy's art studio.

My big worktable is on wheels so that I can move it around as needed. The work surface table is permanently attached to the wall by the built in shelving / storage cubbies. As you can see, I have a fireplace–it works!–and it is very auspiciously located in the Fame & Reputation area. Why is this lucky? Because Fire is the element that enhances Fame. That means it’s natural placement belongs in the Fame area. Above the fireplace is a great hanging wall and right now it has my first painting that I ever did on canvas hanging there. Why? The background of this painting is red and red is the color that belongs in Fame & Reputation area—it enhances and strengthens it. The message I am giving to the universe is that right from the beginning (my first painting) I had set intentions of becoming famous for my art work.

My big worktable on wheels I normally keep in the Career and Tai Ch’i Center areas to establish myself as a professional career artist. There is a wall above this table that I also hang some of my work on. Any paintings that have strong black color in them or images of water belong on this wall because both activate and strengthen the Career area. Here is a slideshow of actual pictures of my studio.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note the Wealth area. This is where many of my paintings are painted (I place my movable easel there or in the Career area or Tai Chi area or Fame area depending on the light and my mood). This corner has two large floor to ceiling walls that is where I show new work when clients come in. I also hang art in the Travel & Helpful People area because this area of the bagua is directly related to Wealth (notice they are diagonally opposite each other).

The large window along my Wisdom & Knowledge area and Career area has a nice ledge. I have placed meaningful spiritual objects and personal talismans there…my gratitude journal that I write in daily, my eagle feather that I found on the beach after watching the actual eagle eating a fish there, candles, smudger stick and incense…you get the idea. All of these relate to Wisdom. There is a book nook in the wall that straddles the Wealth and Fame areas next to the fireplace…I keep art books of famous and successful artists there.

Because my storage closets flank the space and their locations are in important areas, it’s more crucial than ever that I keep them well organized. But in general, my art studios are working spaces and while I am working, I have stuff everywhere. I keep it organized but creatively so! Writing this now I realize I need to do some spring cleaning and get the closets back into tip top shape! I don’t want my Wealth/Health/Wisdom side to suffer on the left nor my Love/Creativity & Future projects area on the right. My built in book shelves are located partially in the Love area so I keep one of my Love Power Heart paintings displayed there to activate and reinforce all my art relationships.

You may wonder wouldn’t it make more sense to work on paintings in my Creativity & Future Projects area? That would be a good place for any artist to work, but one has to make your space work for you given the layout you have available to you. My Creativity area is directly in the path of a door to the basement, and, the light over here is not as great as the light where my work table is. However, I do make use of the work surface table to layout projects and to make greeting cards…so it does contribute a function to my overall Creativity. To see more of my art, please go to my website As a Pisces, I see no contradiction in having dual careers. One as an artist and one as a feng shui consultant. Both use my creative expertise to help people beautify their personal spaces. If you’re an artist and would like to share links to your artwork and studio spaces, please post in my comments section!


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Healthcare workers have a very high burnout rate due to stress. Feng shui can help!

Good feng shui is about bringing balance and harmony to our living and working spaces. When ch’i (energy) is in positive alignment, we feel more relaxed. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is based on many common sense principles. For example, we don’t usually feel comfortable working with our backs to a door because it leaves us vulnerable to being startled by people sneaking up on us. One feng shui solution for this is to place a mirror so we always know who is entering the room behind us.

Remove the clutter, remove the stress. The easiest feng shui tip to begin now is to get organized. At work, keeping your nurse’s station tidy and clean will keep you feeling on top of your game, and, make it easier for your co-workers to stand in for you while you make your rounds. A well kept locker allows you to get your gear quickly and get home faster when your shift is over. Once you’re home, if you’ve kept your space clutter free there, too, you’ll find more time to unwind.

Negative vibes. Get rid of dead plants and flowers, stale food, broken clocks or other faulty equipment (have it repaired or replaced), old files that are no longer needed, pens and markers that are dried up, etc. When things are in good working order, people feel happy at work.

Feed your soul. Bring a touch of beauty to your life to inspire your spirit. The patients get flowers, why can’t you? Bring a bud vase to your desk and keep a fresh cut red rose or other favorite flower in it. Tape a piece of art or a favorite photo or motivational poem to the inside door of your locker.

Under cover. Boring scrubs got you down? Nobody needs to know what you got going on underneath ‘em, do they?! Guys: get those hot red boxer shorts. Girls: lavish yourself with lace and satin. Knowing you’re looking your sexy best can give you a real energy boost (not to mention a secret smile) all day long.

Treat yourself. Find time to get your hair and nails done. Treat yourself to a professional massage every now and then. Read a novel, shoot hoops, spend time doing something just for you at least 20 minutes per day.

(((Feel free to pass this on to any over-stressed RN in your life!)))

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Katy has been running her practice Feng Shui By Fishgirl for well over 20 years. With all that experience, you might be thinking “I probably can’t afford her!”, right? WRONG! Katy developed a system of service that allows feng shui access to my solutions to fit every budget. And the best part is, you can live anywhere in the world and still benefit from this top rated feng shui service. How? Through a Feng Shui By Fishgirl remote reading of your space. One of the first feng shui practitioners to review floorplans and other materials via mail and email, Katy Allgeyer has a solid reputation for accuracy, compassion, and continuing support followup. You can’t afford NOT to call Feng Shui By Fishgirl first. Contact Katy today: 323.309.1164 or


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