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Take one tired employee (you), add one cluttered atmosphere (your work space), mix in working too many hours and no time for relaxation. What do you have? A recipe for burn out, low productivity, and no fun at work.

Here are some feng shui steps to bring you back your focus and drive.

1) TAKE INVENTORY  The nine areas of your life according to feng shui principles are: Career, Wisdom & Knowledge, Family & Health, Wealth, Fame & Reputation, Love & Relationship, Creativity & Future Projects (this covers children, too), Travel & Helpful People, and, Tai Ch’I (which is your core being). Ask yourself what areas of your life are working for you and where do you feel blocked? Make a list. You’ll be able to see clearly where you need to give yourself some extra attention.

2) BABY STEPS  Decide to address one of those blocked areas at a time. Most likely you won’t be blocked in every single area of your life…focus on the positive things going on first. Express gratitude for all the blessings you do have. Where there are problems, ask yourself what steps need to be taken to remove the obstacles to your success. If your health is suffering and that is on your list, you can implement the following solutions:get a physical, take vitamins, begin exercising and, if you’ve got time built up, take a much needed vacation so you can begin work again with a fresh attitude.

3) ME TIME Look at your busy calendar and set aside a little “me time”.  IE, if you feel blocked creatively, take a break and put some ideas into your “creativity bank”. That may mean scheduling visits to museums, window shopping for fun, going to the movies, or even to an amusement park. Perhaps you’ve lost touch with mentors and colleagues? Taking time to make a few phone calls to reconnect you to those Helpful People might give you a mental boost as well as put you on to some hot leads. All of which can stimulate your Career ch’I (energy) and get your groove back on.


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This poster gives off mixed messages even though everyone is smiling.

This poster gives off mixed messages even though everyone is smiling. “Stormy Weather” could refer to Wall Street today.

Want to shake up your chi (energy)? Why don’t you assess your work space and take inventory of any positive or negative symbols that might be dominating your environment while having an impact on your success. What we surround ourselves with directly influences our mood, our emotions, and our drive (or lack of ambition). That’s why those motivational posters with sayings such as “Believe & Succeed” are so popular in corporate culture. In fact, they are known as “Culture Builders” and “Attitude Enhancers” in the corporate art trade. One giant company that makes these products calls itself and its product “Successories“.

Motivational artwork can be classy or cliché. The point is, the posters offer positive reinforcement of our best intentions at the workplace.  You wouldn’t hang up a poster that said, “Give Up Now. You’re a Big Loser”. But you might have objects in your office that give off a similar negative vibe. For instance, I recently worked with a client who had a welcome mat at the front door to his executive office. It was a square jute rug with the words “Get Lost!” in bright, fun colors splashed across a black ground. While meant in jest, in feng shui terms he was saying something very negative to his employees, clients, and vendors. The intention was to lighten up, obviously, but the subliminal message on this entry rug was quite blatant and tells Opportunity to go away because it’s not welcome here. I laughed when he told me he bought the rug on deep discount (most people were repelled at point-of-sale by the message and literally “got lost”).

Another client had books on the shelf with titles like “Pain” or “The Tragic Story of…”. Still another had a Hollywood vintage poster that screamed out in giant text, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”.  I’m sorry to tell you that for most of us, there is no neutral area in the feng shui bagua to place these emotionally-charged messages. Scout your own space and see if you can find similar book titles or negative imagery that mighty be sapping your career mojo. Go for uplifting messages and fine art that inspires.


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"Big Chair (Thomasville)"  (c)Katy Allgeyer

"Big Chair (Thomasville)" (c)Katy Allgeyer


 “Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” ~ Maya Angelou

The runaway success–indeed, the survival for several years of seasons!–of the TV show “Survivor” proves that a  large number of the viewing public is fascinated with whether or not they could last under primitive living conditions. Then again, maybe the show’s popularity just proves that people want to see girls in skimpy clothing eating raw kangaroo meat covered with flies.

But regardless of whether or not you watch television, you may be interested to know that many of the principles of Feng Shui originated as survival techniques. The ancestors of our ancestors who lived in caves knew that it was important not to turn one’s back to the cave entrance. If you did, you could be devoured by a cave dwelling beast (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!), or, a rival tribe could come and steal your fire, your food, and your family.

It was in this way that the idea of positioning the bed and the stove and the desk so that the door to the room can be easily seen was born. In this placement, one feels able to relax and “let one’s guard down” (notice the idiom that evolved as a direct result of this principle). Of course, the ideal furniture placement can not always work within the limitations of the architecture of our homes and offices. This is where a Feng Shui expert can offer you alternate solutions to achieve the desired peace of mind.

Ch’i Whiz! It Really Does Feel Different

DO try this at home (when you are bored with eating bonbons and being waited on hand and foot by your husband):

Take a room that has only one entry and place a chair in the middle of the room with the back facing the door. If you have other people around, ask them to give you some time to settle into your room, but eventually have them move around in the hallway outside the door and come into the room occasionally without telling you when they are coming in.

Now, sit in the chair so that you are unable to see the door. Sit there for awhile, try to get a sense of the ch’i energy surrounding you and pay attention to how it feels. Now, try to read a magazine.

Notice how you feel. Do you feel uneasy and unable to concentrate on the magazine? Is your mind constantly wandering to the activity in the hallway and on alert mode so that you won’t be startled when someone comes into the room and surprises you?

Ok, once you’ve experienced that feeling, turn the chair around to where you have a clear view of the door as you sit and read your magazine. Notice how you feel. Is your posture more at ease? Are you able to focus more intently on the task of reading the magazine? You have now witnessed the importance of placement for  peace of mind based on the principle of survival.


The ancient cave dwellers painted their cave walls mostly to serve  sacred ceremonial purposes and did not have to worry about matching the drapery fabric to the wall paint. Today, we express ourselves through the way we decorate our homes and the myriad of choices we make as to color, style, space, objects, art, and placement. But even though we have come a long way from the cave and the necessity of being in constant survival mode, we can feel a connection to our ancestors and benefit from their wisdom by incorporating the principles of Feng Shui into our modern lives. 




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    Why are some websites successful and others less so (or not at all)? There are many contributing factors such as placement rankings on search engines and whether or not you have a viable product or service to sell. But in terms of feng shui, your website can be evaluated the same way your home or workspace would be. The number one culprit to negative feng shui at home, office, or on your website is clutter.  

    That’s right: a messy website is the equivalent to a messy desktop. If you’re trying to cram too much information onto your web portal, you’re causing your cyber visitors to jump through too many hoops to find your ultimate payoff (your product or service). Cyber clutter takes many forms. It ranges from poor graphic design layout of imagery and text to the use of too many conflicting styles and fonts to having too many Google Ads or partner logos displayed prominently on your pages. Also, flashing bells and whistles that belong in a circus carny act, not on a website that’s trying to reach customers with limited time to waste sorting through the ‘fun’ gimicks.

     Organizing your website by feng shui practice can be helpful. Follow these principles when evaluating your existing website or creating a new one.

  • Clean and clutter free is elegant and easy online or off.
  • Color can be used to activate, empower, soothe or excite. Choose your colors for backgrounds and text accordingly.
  • Follow the bagua. The upper left corner is the Wealth area, the Middle upper area is the Fame & Reputation Area, the upper right corner is the Love & Relationship Area. You can place your most important text in these areas (IE: Your corporate logo should be either in the Wealth or Fame areas of your website or smack dab in the middle of the page).
  • Don’t block your customer from finding you: be sure all your pages are linked together in an easily navigable way.
  • Pay attention to detail: spelling mistakes and grammatical errors make even the most sophisticated site look unprofessional.


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 I’m reposting this today in honor of having met my mate 4 years ago today. That was my Lucky Day.

Lucky Day (0, 00, 12, 21,25,26)

"Lucky Day (0, 00, 12, 21,25,26)" (c) Katy Allgeyer

 WHEN MERGING two households together to form one, it’s so important to consider your partner and the new environment you are creating together as a team.  Feng shui principles can provide a clear roadmap for facing this challenge.For harmony in your Love & Relationship area of life, it’s important that both people involved have equal say as to how the shared home will be used and how it will reflect both personalities and the joint personality of the couple.
Here are some feng shui principles to apply whether you are just starting out with someone new, or, want to re-examine your current relationship status and make some positive changes where you are now.

* PURGING mementos symbolic of past relationships (whether they were successful or failed) to make room for a fresh start with a new partner is essential to good feng shui. Whether we realize it or not, those photos & videos, diaries, love notes, old engagement rings, stuffed toys, sheets, wedding gifts–you name it— carry an energetic residue from the prior relationship. That energy can block your new relationship from its full potential to bloom or influence it in subtle ways. At the very least, those sentimental mementos can pose an annoying reminder to your partner that you may still carry feelings for someone else (if you don’t, why do you feel you have to hold onto them?). At the worst, those items can be blocking your success. Case in point: a client of mine had divorced and remarried but had her wedding china from her first marriage stored in a box in her master bedroom. Her new husband was having difficulty bringing in new clients. I suggested the china be moved out of their bedroom immediately and sold for cash. The cash flow stimulated more clients and soon after the couple was able to move on to a new home and new happiness (they were able to have a baby together once the ch’i was aligned properly). You owe it to yourself–and your partner–to clear the way for new love to flourish, rather than reserving valuable relationship space for past loves and memories. 

*IT TAKES TWO to tango. Feng shui says to only have things in your home space that you absolutely love. Now that there are two of you, both of your feelings have to be considered. If one of you has a favorite object that the other person hates, your
feng shui will be better if you do not have that item in your joint home. Bring it to your office if you feel you must. Much better is to let it go and pass it on to someone else that may enjoy it. Try to select items from both partners belongings and/or purchase new things together that you both feel good about. The more balance you can bring to your yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) shapes within your shared space, the more balanced the two of you will be when it comes to your relationship. 

*BALANCING BEDS. Having your bed placed in the “Command Position” is always best for your feng shui. What is the Command Position? Having your headboard on any wall other than the one that the entry door is on, so you will
have a clear view to the door. Realistically, this is not always possible. Not all homes are designed well. If your bedroom is configured so that the only option is to put your bed on the same wall as the entry, take heart. There is a solution.
Place a mirror on the wall opposite the door and position it so that you are able to view anyone who might be entering the room as you lay in your bed. Another solution is to have a noisemaker of some kind on the doorway…a bead curtain, for example, or a bell. This would depend on the design and decor of the home and what makes the most sense in your particular space.

*GOOD INTENTIONS. Being kind to others as well as to yourself is the best intention you can contribute to your feng shui. Always try to honor the relationship by considering your partners feelings. Discuss, discuss, discuss.There will be conflict. There will be compromise. As long as there is respect, there is room for love to flourish. 


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Feng Shui By Fishgirl Smudge Stick

Feng Shui By Fishgirl Smudge Stick

  Ever walk into a vacant conference room and want to leave immediately? You may have even wrinkled your nose unconsciously, as if the air had a peculiar stench to it. Chances are you were picking up on some residue from the past usage of the room. It might have simply been a long drawn out meeting with a lot of tension between the attendees. Or, worse still, the room may have been used to deliver bad news such as a mass layoff or firing of staff after a takeover by another firm. Imagine the ick-factor in the room where former NASDAQ chieftan Bernie Madoff admitted his entire operation was nothing but a Ponzi scheme.

    When harsh words are spoken, voices are raised in anger, or emotions are running high for whatever reason, the chi (energy) does tend to linger in the atmosphere. Those of us who are sensitive to it will pick up on the ‘bad vibes’ even if we don’t quite know what the source is. Many of us will suffer the symptoms of the drained chi even if we don’t connect the dots. For example, if you’re working in the vicinity of such a heavy atmosphere, you may have a lethargic feeling, a headache, or an inability to concentrate on your work even if you’re blissfully unaware of any disturbances in the corporate jungle nearby your cubicle.

    To remove past psychic residue that is impacting present workers, space must be periodically cleared. This can be done after every meeting—negative or positive—to keep the chi on an even keel. One can clear the air with sage, incense, or scented oils. Chi an also be refreshed with sound cures such as Tibetan bells, gongs, or chimes. Light also helps, as in lighting a candle to reset a balanced, peaceful mood. Opening windows and literally letting fresh air in is also suitable for a quick feng shui fix.

    It’s easy to implement these ideas at home and but what if your employer is not open to the practice of feng shui, most of the above chi-lifting cures can be introduced by staff under the guise of ‘cheering up the place’ or simply done after hours when the big boss is absent from the premises. Clearing the air is a subtle but powerful feng shui practice that costs next to nothing and has instant results. Try it!

Feng Shui By Fishgirl offers a smudgestick made of sage + several herbs collected and hand made by a Native American shaman in northern California. Complete instructions for usage, these 10″ large smudgers make awesome gifts and last a long time! $25 includes s & h to most places in US. Please inquire.


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“She says we are ALL connected!” ~ Jim Carroll (from his song, “Sisters”)

Peel away the masks, we are all connected.

Peel away the masks, we are all connected.   

    When asked what Feng Shui is, I often explain that Feng Shui is not a religion nor is it a form of magic. Feng Shui is a practical method of assessing and improving the quality of our lives through observations and analysis of our home and office
environments. That being said, Feng Shui can–and often does– have “magical” results. Focusing our hearts and minds on high intentions for our greatest good is one principle discipline of Feng Shui. When we decide to live our lives with what I call “Intentional Success”, we create an atomosphere of willingness  to open ourselves to the best things in life, the little magical daily events that remind us that we are all connected. 

Those amazing little coincidences are also called synchronicity. Once we begin paying attention to them, and honoring them for the little miracles that they are, we might notice that they begin to happen more frequently or with greater impact on our lives.

Here’s an example from my own life. In December 2005, a new client approached me about consulting on her house. There were several little things that happened leading up to the appointment that almost made me cancel or reschedule. But, my intuition said to show up. Unbeknownst to me, she was really a reporter acting as an undercover agent in order to review my feng shui services for The Wall Street Journal. Even after I worked with this client, I was not told of the upcoming article. 

A few weeks later, I was at LAX picking my boyfriend up from a trip he made to the east coast. He greeted me by saying, “Guess who is in The Wall Street Journal?!” and handing me a stack of extra newspaper copies. I thought HE was in it. But as it turned out, he was referring to the feature article that my client had contributed to. It was very exciting to be one of only five feng shui experts chosen world-wide for this wonderful piece. 

Another five weeks or so passed. I attended a friend’s art opening party several towns over from where I live. Several things were happening in my life at the time,but, once again I felt my intuition tell me it was important to show up.It was an event that I especially wanted to show up for, to support my good friend in the last show she would have at this particular gallery. A little while after I got there,I spied a man wearing a colorful jacket that had unusual cross-stitch embroidery on it. It caught my eye because back in December I had cut up an old skirt I had from the same type of embroidered cloth and transformed it into a pillow. I made  the pillow for my boyfriend as a Christmas present and thought he would enjoy it since he is an avid textile collector, and, as I mentioned before this textile was quite special. I didn’t know it’s provenance so I decided to approach the man at the party to see if he knew where his jacket originated. 

He did. It was from Chiang Mai, Thailand. With that mystery solved, we continued to converse. Turns out he was an ex-New Yorker like me. He invited me and my boyfriend to a weekly salon type party that happens in downtown LA where I live. We spoke of what we did for a living and I mentioned that I was both a fine artist and a feng shui consultant. What happened next was classic synchronicity: he told me he was very interested in feng shui and his good friend who first invited him to this salon party downtown is a reporter who recently wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal. Imagine his delight and surprise to learn that his friend and my client are one and the same person! We have since become friends and this has widened my circle
of opportunity for abundance and good ch’i (energy). 

Much has been made of the ‘six degrees of separation’ that connects all of us to one another. I can only offer my own experience as proof of this concept. More importantly, I think a point can be made about how much we gain by “showing up”.
With our busy lives, we have so many choices of where to spend our time and our money. We are often too tired to go anywhere after a long day of working hard. When I think about the opportunities that have come to me by following my intuition and showing up, it inspires me to continue to do so and muster the energy when it feels important to do so. And, to pay attention to the little synchronicities along the way that are life-affirming gifts. 

When we pay attention to synchronicity, we strengthen our intuition. We invite more ‘magic’ into our routine lives. With a stronger intuition, we are able to set higher intentions for ourselves about what we wish to attract into our lives. This is key to good feng shui.

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Prestigious national financial daily, The Wall Street Journal, published a feature article on January 26, 2006 about their reporters consulting with 5 international Feng Shui experts in 5 major cities (Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York, and Hong Kong). Katy Allgeyer, one of only 350 American members of the International Feng Shui Guild, was the only west coast Feng Shui expert chosen for a consultation for this piece.

The Wall Street Journal article stated, “Our consultant in Los Angeles suggested adding feminine furniture, such as round, low tables in the bedroom, which is also our prosperity area, to counterbalance the masculine feel caused by tall bed posts and a gas pipe.” and “…many (Of Katy’s suggestions) made the house more livable.”

The Wall Street Journal continued with these positive comments about Katy Allgeyer, “Our consultant said the house had ‘too much minimalism in all the wrong places.’ The suggestions had merits. A simple rearrangement made the dining room look much bigger.”

As the article stated, “Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art that traces back thousands of years, is meant to improve your life by arranging your home in a harmonious way.” With her 20+ years of Feng Shui experience, Katy Allgeyer is uniquely qualified to help people realign and positively put on track both their living spaces and work environments.


Katy Allgeyer began 2007 by relocating from Los Angeles to be in High Point, North Carolina–the crossroads and true heart of the USA–and has a global clientele. Whether you choose a direct on-site Feng Shui inspection or an off-site review of your floorplans and blueprints, whether you decide to Feng Shui existing structures or incorporate Feng Shui principles into your design planning from the beginning, whether you have a domestic space or a commercial space, Feng Shui By Fishgirl is the service you’re looking for.


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There is much confusion today with many of the patriarchal old paradigms shifting to make way for a new way of doing things, an inclusive way, a better way. Now is a perfect time to examine the environments we live and work in. Feng Shui By Fishgirl consults on homes, galleries, offices, retail spaces, wholesale showrooms, night clubs, etc and works with homeowners, renters, builders and architects to bring harmony to existing or planned spaces. Feng Shui By Fishgirl uses ancient wisdom applied with modern solutions to bring balance and harmony to your space. I promise never to make your space look like a Chinese restaurant–unless your space IS a Chinese restaurant!

You do not have to live in the same city as I do to benefit from my services. Feng Shui By Fishgirl has successfully advised people around the globe via Long Distance feng shui evaluations of floorplan sketches, photos, videos of personal and commercial spaces already in existence, or tweaking architectural plans before construction begins. Click here for tips on How to Choose a Feng Shui Consultant–whether you decide on Feng Shui By Fishgirl or someone else!

LONG DISTANCE OFF SITE EVALUATIONS: With detailed information provided by the client, we can analyze feng shui and offer you solutions. Please inquire about rates. A modest sized studio or 1 bedroom apartment can be analyzed for $180, to give you an example of my affordability. Click here for actual client review on the usefulness of my service. References are always available on request.

ON SITE CONSULTATIONS: (First Class Consult) In-depth feng shui analysis includes on site inspection, recomendations/solutions, mulit-paged detailed written report for client’s reference, hand drawn bagua map overlay of space, complimentary space clearing smudge. Rates dependent on size of space. (Economy Class Consult includes on site inspection, verbal recommendations/solutions).

SPACE CLEARING: This is the removal of negative energetic residue that builds up over time. Space clearing may be necessary to clear away negative energy from a property’s past history or simply to clear the air after an argument. Fishgirl’s preferred method of clearing utilizes the burning of a sage “smudgestick” made especially for her by a Native American shaman. Other methods sometimes employ sound cures and special feng shui blessings. What constitutes negative energy? Some heavier examples would be a murder or suicide having happened in your home before you bought it, a house that was once used as a mortuary, a property that includes a burial ground, for example.

DESIGN & COLOR RECOMMENDATIONS: Filling the gap between client and interior designer, Fishgirl can help you make decisions selecting paint colors, furniture, and accessory purchases before you remodel.

REAL ESTATE EVALUATION: Protect your investment. Call Fishgirl to assess properties before you buy them and enhance properties before you put them up for sale.

TUNE-UPS & SECOND OPINIONS: Feng shui is a fluid practice. Your environment and your personal goals are constantly changing. From time to time you may want to schedule a mini Feng Shui By Fishgirl Tune-up to assess new purchases, additions, or improvements you’ve made to your space since your consultation. Fishgirl has also been called in many times by clients who hired other consultants and were not happy with the results.

FENG SHUI BY FISHGIRL ENCOURAGES COLLABORATION WITH DESIGNERS, DEVLOPERS, ARCHITECTS, CONTRACTORS: Whether brought in from the beginning of your project or called in to work with you on existing plans, complete your mission by improving peace and harmony of your project’s feng shui. All inquiries welcome.

ASSISTING REALTORS WITH SALES & RENTAL PROPERTIES: We apply feng shui solutions to problem properties to achieve sales results.

MEDIA DESIGN SERVICES: Evaluating elements of color, design, symbols, and placement in your personal or corporate media to align them with auspicious feng shui principles. Websites, business cards, resumes, letterheads, corporate logos are reviewed and solutions suggested for optimum success.

FENG SHUI BY FISHGIRL WORKSHOPS: Katy Allgeyer is available to lead feng shui workshops in your city.

FENG SHUI BY FISHGIRL WRITTEN CONTENT: Katy Allgeyer has published many articles about feng shui and is open to opportunities for freelance writing, syndicated columns, etc. Please contact

TV & RADIO APPEARANCES: Katy Allgeyer has appeared on the Beth Lapides radio show, a feng shui special on the G4 gaming channel, and in the Wall St. Journal. Media should contact Katy at

LICENSING & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Katy Allgeyer has been formally trained in art, fashion design, merchandising, and product development in addition to feng shui. All serious proposals for licensing the Feng Shui By Fishgirl brand will be considered.

ART RUGS & WALL ART BY KATY ALLGEYER: Katy Allgeyer designs rugs that are inspired by her art and natural surroundings, always with feng shui in mind. See more of her paintings, rugs, and gift products at : Custom made rugs to order and commissioned paintings of any size can be arranged.

FENG SHUI BY FISHGIRL SMUDGESTICKS: Containing several herbs in addition to sage, these generous 10″ long smudgers last a long time and make excellent gifts. Made in northern California for Fishgirl by a Native American shaman, the herbs are gathered under the full moon each month for extra potency. $25 includes s & h to most US locations. Please inquire.

LOVE POWER HEARTS: Katy Allgeyer created these unique feng shui paintings for a fine art installation called “WALL OF LOVE: The Art of Feng Shui” that was exhibited in Los Angeles and Berlin, Germany. Included in the Kunstkreuz “Love & Peace” Festival in 2003, the 99 individually handpainted canvases were infused with powerful intentions for love, peace, and harmony to activate the ch’i (energy) of the feng shui location where they are hung in your home or office. Although the original installation has sold out, these Love Power Hearts are still available on demand and make great gifts for weddings, baby showers, Mother’s Day and birthdays. $99 + s & h. Inquire.

INTENTIONAL SUCCESS CEREMONY: Exclusive self-empowering ceremony designed and developed by Fishgirl to create and set intentions for reaching your highest potential. Clears the mental clutter that can impede you from achieving your goals, helps you to focus on the changes you want to make and the opportunities you wish to attract.

INTUITIVE COUNSELING: As a shamanic dreamer and healing practitioner, I have developed my intuitive skills to a very high level. Once in awhile, I take on a client for an intuitive reading if called on to do so. If your intuition leads you to me, contact me and we’ll go from there.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: Give your loved one, boss, employee, client, agent, or friend a Feng Shui By Fishgirl Gift Certificate suitable for any occasion. Can be used towards services or art or products.

Contact:   or 323.309.1164( from June-October I am in Maine and my cell phone doesn’t work well here. You can reach me at 207.367.6369 or leave message on my cell and don’t expect an answer immediately 🙂 )

Here’s what someone recently had to say about Feng Shui By Fishgirl’s off-site consultations:

I had always been very curious about Feng Shui, and had decided that when we bought our own home, I would have a professional assess the layout and flow. When we finally became homeowners a few months ago, I had a terrible time trying to find someone who had enough experience to earn my trust, and most of the consultants used a lot of traditional cures that would not work with our home without seeming very obvious. I serendipitously found Katy’s blog one day, and was hooked- she seemed to go to the core of the philosophy, using and understanding what flow truly was, and explained everything in such a wonderful way that it would not alienate a layman. I contacted her for a consultation, but since I was not in her local area, we decided to go for a long-distance consultation. I was a little hesitant at first, because I thought that being IN the home would be important to get a sense of the energy, but she put all my fears to rest. After receiving some materials from me, she promptly (really, within 2-3 days) send back a written report, with notes on our floor plan. The written report was VERY comprehensive, and I saw that she really “got” the space. Her recommendations were not just “cures”, but aesthetically improved our space, and just made it feel right. The changes we have begun to make have certainly given us results- let me elaborate on one particular case. My husband and I both work for a non-profit company. I work part time, and he is a more senior level employee. In this economy, I received a 15% raise after making changes to our wealth area. My husband also received an unexpected raise AND bonus!
Katy is a wonderful person and a thorough professional. She has always answered my questions promptly, and without any reservations. She is truly amazing and I cannot recommend her services highly enough.
-SK, Texas

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My Top 10 Tips

The Fingerprints of Feng Shui

Just as every fingerprint is uniquely individual, so, too, is every space and the specific needs of the people living within. Even the same house, sold multiple times, would not necessarily have the exact same Feng Shui solutions applied to it for each family that bought it. There is wiggle room for factors such as personal taste, color and style preference, and convenience. The most critical ingredient for analyzing is to determine what areas of the client’s life are running smoothly and what areas are blocked or problematic.

However, there are some universal Feng Shui solutions that everyone can benefit from immediately. I offer them here as a gift to you!

1) KEEP THE LID DOWN Okay guys, I promise I am not discriminating against you out of some deep-seated feminist anger. The truth is,leaving the lid open on your toilets lets a lot of ch’i escape. The problem is magnified if your bathroom happens to be located in the Wealth or Love & Relationship Areas. So, always keep the lid down to
enhance your ch’i knowing that the resulting bi-product will be a happier woman in your household.
(FYI: All puns herein are intentional and made without shame.)

2) REMOVE THE CLUTTER Why not take inventory of all the things taking up space in your home? IE:the clothes you can’t fit into or wouldn’t be caught at Starbuck’s in, the knick knacks Aunt Sophie has given you over the years that you really hate but feel obligated to keep, the jars and
tubes of creams and beauty potions in your makeup drawer that have less than a tablespoon of product left in them, the piles of magazines that you keep meaning to read. Once you’ve disposed of the useless trash (remembering to recycle!), dispose of the “good stuff” via donating to
Goodwill Industries International, Inc. Oh, and that marvelous feeling? –that’s your ch’i expanding!

3) KEEP IT CLEAN Cleanliness is next to godliness. Once the clutter is removed, it’s easier to keep your place clean and clear.

4) LET THERE BE LIGHT Keeping rooms darkened for long periods of time builds up negative ch’i. As a Californian, I am very conscious of energy conservation, so please don’t think I am advocating indiscriminate consumption of our natural resources. Do you have a room or several rooms that are completely in the dark most of the time? Perhaps you keep the blinds shut and the curtains drawn to retain heat in the winter? Maybe there is a room that you use only for storage or for houseguests that you never actually have? Let the sun shine in! At least once a week(if you can’t do it every day), open shades and let the light in to circulate your ch’i. If there are corners and rooms that receive little daylight, turn the lights on for awhile(this is especially important in your Wealth Area). With the new energy efficient lightbulbs, there is no excuse not to let there be light.

5) HOME COOKIN’ In Feng Shui terms, the stove represents the heart of the household and the ability to attract health and wealth to us. If we are the kind of folks who eat take-out all the time and never cook, it is important that we activate all the burners to use the stove and generate energy, even if only to turn them all on simultaneously for one minute per week. Also, keep the stovetop clean and make sure you can see who is entering the kitchen when you are cooking with your back turned.

6) STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES Whenever possible, treat yourself to some freshly cut flowers. Many people wait for others to give them flowers on special occasions. Try to stop thinking of flowers as a luxury item and instead, think of flowers as food for the soul. Fresh blossoms have a magical effect on a space…they bring beauty, color, and scent to any room which immediately uplifts your spirits and your Feng Shui. Affordable as a double latte’, they are readily available at supermarkets, carwashes, your own backyard, or you can even buy them online.

7) BED HEAD Correct placement of your bed is extremely important for optimum rest and peace of mind. Make sure the headboard of your bed is not placed on the same wall as your doorway to the bedroom. If this is the only option available to you, it is advisable to add a mirror to the
opposite wall so that you may see who is entering the room wile you are lying in bed.

8 ) KICK DAVID AND JAY OUT OF THE BEDROOM These days, many of us fall asleep watching the TV from our beds. Some of us may also have our computers, radio alarm clocks, cell phones, answering machines, lamps and various other electrical devices within arms reach of our beds. No wonder we don’t feel refreshed and rested when we wake up! By moving your TV out to the living room or den, you will be making a very big Feng Shui improvement (and may just perk up your love life, too).

9) SAGE ADVICE As I advised in my premiere newsletter, clearing out your psychic residue via frequent use of a sage smudge stick is a very simple thing that you can do which will improve your Feng Shui instantly. Also
recommended: burning incense regularly.

10) LIGHT A CANDLE IN YOUR LOVE & RELATIONSHIP AREA Keep the home fires burning, attract a new love partner, or simply enjoy a feeling of contentment in all of our relationships. It’s simple: don’t save the candles for special occasions!


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