anchors away

WHAT’S BLOCKING *YOU*? Here’s my story…

going to goa


As a feng shui practitioner I’ve always been sensitive to energy flow. Ever since Scott and I acquired it I’ve felt the weight of this anchor’s heavy metal–and the subsequent rusting, crumbling, deterioration–pressing against our home. The feng shui symbolism of this mighty anchor couldn’t be more clear to me. Lately I’ve discovered that it has been metaphorically keeping me anchored to my grieving for Scott. It’s time to let that grief go and set myself free of the chains that bind me to the past.

Anchors away! I mean that literally as you can see here from my photos. This antique 7 foot tall ship’s anchor and 15 foot chain weighing at least one ton has finally found a new keeper. It’s been sold to Tim Whitten (in pic above) of Marlinespike Chandlery in Stonington, Maine. Scott admired Tim’s fancy and historical maritime knot-work greatly and I just…

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August 5, 2015 · 10:53 am

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