How’s this for brilliant: an artist proposes to the city of New York that he move the iconic statue of Columbus into a high end apartment overlooking Central Park and install it on a coffee table. Invite in the public and the press and you’ve got yourself a helluva marketing coup for the artist Tatsu Nishi of Japan. Read about “Discovering Columbus” here at the NY Daily News. The apartment as art installation is genius. As feng shui home, not so much. We know scale is important to feng shui health and comfort. Most of us would not be happy in a home with ceilings six stories high and a giant stone figure staring down at us. The feeling you get here would be that the statue is always in the Command Position instead of you.  So be careful in your choice of art and accessories…but be daring in your dreaming of art projects that can propel you into the media spotlight!

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