Mixing Corian with twigs? That is the essence of fun shui! I love this outdoor bar by designer
Cathérine Op De Beeck. It has wit, whimsy, and whiskey. Would you agree?


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2 responses to “CORIAN BAR IS FUN SHUI

  1. well, let’s see? it looks funky…but maybe Feng Shui shouldn’t use dead things, such as twigs and logs? Just a thought!

    • hi christine,
      thanks for commenting! good point about ‘dead things’. that usually applies in reference to using dead animals and plants that are not thriving. however, wood is wood. every wood floor in a home or wood furniture is a tree that was cut down to make a log before it could be turned into home decor. in feng shui practice we need wood for one of the elements in order to have good balance. would a home entirely made of synthetics be better feng shui (or healthier for us)? i wonder. . . thanks again for your thoughts. 🙂 katy

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