I saw this photo on Old Moss Woman’s facebook page. I don’t know where this ancient ruin is, but it brings out the Guinevere in me. I have a feeling this place is haunted by good spirits, don’t you? And feeling good spirits is feeling good feng shui. Visually, the staircase structure is very beautiful even though it’s a skeleton of its former architectural glory.


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5 responses to “ANCIENT RUIN

  1. Toni

    This is a picture of the remains of Madame Sherri’s Castle in Chesterfield, NH. It is in the middle of a 448-acre forest named “Madame Sherri’s Forest”. There are hiking trails that get you there and, as the story goes, it is a “haunted hike” in NH. Its quite an intriguing story and there are several links to read about it now that you know the name of this place!

    • Toni—Thank you for identifying this ruin! Since I’ll be in NH next week maybe I can check out the hiking trails. I grew up in NH and never heard of this place! Thanks again for commenting.

      • Toni

        A coworker of mine was there and, after seeing her pictures, I recognized it on your blog immediately! While I’m itching to get there, I haven’t yet had a chance. I hope you’re able to make it there … enjoy it!

  2. GlassHouse

    this is a photo I took and can be seen on my flickr account


    It’s not that I mind ppl re-posting stuff from flickr but it would be nice if they woulld give proper credit to the photographer.

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